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Your Personal Paradise

You may have seen the magazine photos of me that were taken last year. I’m sitting on a sandy beach, white clouds drifting above, palm trees reaching skyward, a peaceful ocean stretching to the horizon. I’ve lived on the Hawaiian island of Maui for some years now—after more years of visiting on a regular basis. If you’ve ever experienced the serene beauty of Hawaii, you’ll know how it feels to look out across the water and breathe in the warm, fragrant air. I am beyond grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds me here, the ocean where I swim every day (often with a posse of sea turtles), the opportunity to walk in dense green forests that are alive with birds and bright with flowers. Fellow Hawaii resident and inspirational author Alan Cohen says friends sometimes ask why he would want to live so far from the mainland. He replies by glancing around at this tropical paradise and joking, “Have you had your head examined lately?”

Maybe a cluster of islands in the middle of a vast ocean isn’t for everyone, but we all have an idea of paradise. As Melville said, “In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy.” Our paradise is always waiting for us. Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything.

Walt Whitman said, “To me every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” If you are traveling this summer or if you are staying home, look for the miracles that are right before your eyes. This month I will be traveling and speaking in the Spirit-filled “Land Down Under” for Hay House’s first ever I Can Do It Conference Australia. As I like to say, paradise is wherever I am.


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Joshua says:

(Continued)…would manifest my intentions. I have read about this intention thing, but to be honest I didn’t really believe it before. I do now. People say to be specific with you intentions. What if my intention is to FIND OUT my divine purpose, which I do not currently know? Does that work as an intention or no?? Thanks!!

Joshua says:

Dr. Dyer, I was watching The Power of Intention today, and I think I had a major revelation, a quantum moment if you will. I had been feeling stressed-out, anxious, paranoid, depressed and you name it. Suddenly, I felt a deep connection with source. It was amazing. Suddenly, I felt calm and knew that my thoughts and meditations…

Koovejee,M.D says:

Dr Dyer, you are an inspiration to us all. I thank you for sharing your wisdom. My life would not be the same if it wasn’t for your guidence and wisdom. May the Divine Universal Spirit bless you. Namaste

KATH says:

Hi Wayne; I think of you as a friend. “E/Zones” took me from a futile marriage. “Manifestation Oct”-my 1st visit to Maui-1st in-person hello. T/you 4 everything you have done for me (and others). I feel there is a cost for everything that one purely gives & it has been one that you have been absolutely willing to pay. thank-you! Kath, Kelowna

Anastasia says:

Today I leave in mountains and wished to receive a parting word, thanks.

Joshua says:

Dr. Dyer, your book on the Tao has helped me and continues to help me through some tough times. Change Your Thoughts/Life has meant so much to me. The energy that you transmit through your words and even your prescence has a way of healing my heart and soul in times of turmoil. Thank you so much!

Karin says:

Here is another quote: Carry your portable heaven with you wherever you go.

Pip Archer says:

I live in the middle of New South Wales and am travelling 6 hours to see you speak at the I Can Do It Conference in Sydney. Soon the canola will be in full flower in the Central West. I appreciate our unique beauty every day and am so happy that you are coming to visit Australia. Bless the internet for opening the world to isolated areas.

- Brenda says:

Mr. Dyer, you are by far the most intriging man I know of. Your woods have touch many people, as also the compassion from your soul. Our minds can create the most amazing lives we all want and as you phase it we just need to reach out and grasp it.

Daryl in Tobermory says:

Thank you for a gentle reminder. My home, Healing Rock Retreat is in a beautiful natural setting on the shores of Lake Huron near Tobermory, Ontario an although I am surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment and a World Biosphere Reserve, paradise is in the spiritual connection of these sacred lands.

Joshua says:

I recently moved to the Waianae coast on Oahu. The stress of moving, starting a new job, and living in a new place has taught me that the real paradise is located within and that such a beautiful place can be experienced as nirvana or pure hell, depending on your state of mind.

Ray Davis says:

My wife and I visit Hawaii every year. Each time we return home to Kansas we are left with that sense of paradise lost. This is precisely the thining I use to remind myself that Paradise (Hawaii) is in me and not in this place or that place. As always, your words inspiring and timely. Thank you for your commitment to all of us. Namaste, Dr. Dyer.

Pulling my own Hamstrings says:

The most challenging statement: Wherever you go, there you are. It is challenging because you must adapt, overcome & accept yourself. When you are able to stand on your own two feet & feel inner confidence; you will bring paradise wherever you go. What you think about you bring about (secret to manifesting) become self aware.

Raquesh says:

….(cont.) It became my “bible” for several years I still buy it as presents for friends in memory of my dear friend Bruce – unfortunately he could manage not stay on the path and some years later died of a drug overdose. Sad loss. thank you for helping me.

Raquesh says:

Dr Dyer. Some 15 years ago, you came to New zealand, I never knew about you, but a dear friend of mine had attended your seminar, he bought your book “real magic” which you had personally autographed, he purchased a copy for me as a gift, it practically changed my life and outlook on spiritual life…….

Tania says:

So very true, Thank You… I hope while you are in Australia you get to experience a Sunrise on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, it is my little paradise..

Joshua says:

Fellow seekers of truth:

The Tao teaches us to be soft. Is there ever a time when being hard rather than soft is the better answer?

Thanks! I appreciate hearing any sort of reply.

Steve says:

Dr. Dyer: My wife and I too share your paradise on Maui. We have a condo in Kihei that we visit once or twice a year. It is so beautiful. But as you reminded me, paradise can be where ever you are.

Joseph Wadas says:

Dr. Dyer:
Every moment, every day, every breath is pure gift! Thank you for the reminder. Namaste

kim says:

Every day I come and I read these daily affirmations, and it makes me think about the time I spent in Sedona Arizona, on a retreat called Quantum Sedona Retreats. The couple that ran the retreat, Linn and Cardell smith, made me feel happy, and whole. and really saved my marriage thank you!

parvin says:

You will reach every thing, if you want, but do not hold it tight to bother your hands or your heart. Feel and watch carefully, and then go ahead for the next step.

parvin says:

Watching kids meanwhile during their games, is wonderful. They are present in the moment that they are, shout, play, fight and, laugh. All the articles in the universe have been created just for you.

Joshua says:

I know what you mean about Hawaii. I just moved from the mainland to the west coast of Oahu. Looking out on the ocean reminds me to live like water rather than the mountains behind me. The hard moutains will disappear long before the soft water.

AnaMaria says:

Beautiful article! Thank you,

Slajana says:

Namaste Dr Dyer, your words can forever alter long standing misconceptions in the blink of an eye, thank you. I’m so excited to be seeing you again in Sydney on the 21st, I’m counting down the days.

Denise says:

Every moment is truly a miracle. Thank you Wayne for this entry. It was the perfect thing to start my perfect day!

Kevin says:

Thank you for making your work available. Your God given personality coupled with a logical approach to new thoughts has helped me to open my mind. You are a catalyst for keeping my dreams alive in the midst of the most difficult time in my life. When most others logic would say to move on, I say no. Wayne I will not die with my music in me.

MariaJosep says:

Querido Wayne, se que algun dia yo tambien encontrare ese paraiso de paz y alegria que guarda mi alma. Tu amor y generosidad me han ayudado a tener alguna experiencia de lo maravillosa que puede ser mi vida si esa recondita isla se convierte en mi hogar. I love you. MUCHAS GRACIAS. NAMASTE. Cuando vienes a Espana?

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Namaste is a blessing as much as a state of mind, one that can be cultivated by focusing, as you put it so well, “on the miracles that are right before your eyes.”

Mucunda says:

you are right , i live now in a urban paradise

Jennifer says:

Dr Wayne, thank you very much for your words. Sometimes my sister says me ‘here there isn’t nothing, this is very bored’, so I say her: Oh no!, this is wonderfull, we live in Canary Island, we are in the paradise!
I encourage you to visit Canary Island!

John says:

When years ago (early 70’s) I lived rough, nothing much bothered me apart from where the next meal would come from and where to sleep, but now I live in what they call in the UK “an ANOB” area have a lovely wife and family (4 Grandkids and one on the way) and do you think I can see paradise?


I have always wished for the same type of paradise you are experiencing in Hawaii, and hope one day with the grace of my father GOD I will be able to experience it, can’t loose my faith that one day IT will happen, I just hope it will come soon I am currently 57 yrs old… .. HAVE A HAPPY DAY EVERYONE. !!!! 🙂

Vikki says:

Beautiful reminder. Thank you.