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Pure Love

I have been deeply and profoundly touched by the contents of a new book coming out from Hay House this month. For more than four years, an advancing cancer brought Anita Moorjani to death’s doorstep and beyond—inside the house of death itself. Anita has described it all in great detail in this soul-searching book, Dying to Be Me. I encourage you to read it very carefully and thoughtfully with a mind that’s open to having many of your cherished beliefs challenged, especially about what lies beyond this world, in what’s often called the hereafter.

Surrounded by loved ones and a medical team anticipating her last breath at any moment, Anita lay in a deep coma. Yet she was given the opportunity to return to her cancer-ravaged body, defying all odds, and experience incredible healing—through the vehicle of unconditional love. More than this, she was allowed to return from the chamber of death and report to all of us what life on the other side of this corporeal world looks like—and of even more significance, feels like.

This is a love story—a big, unconditional love story that will give you a renewed sense of who you truly are, why you’re here, and how you can transcend any fear and self-rejection that defines your life. Anita speaks with uncommon candor about her cancer, explaining why she believes she had to go down this treacherous road in her life, why she feels she was healed, and why she returned. Her life’s mission is in a very big way reflected in the fact that you’re about to read her report of this experience. Her story has had a profound effect not only on me, but also on my children and my 95-year-old mother, who found in it a healing message of love, hope, and peace regarding what lies ahead for us all.

Anita spoke of the sense that we’re all pure love. We’re not only connected to everyone else and to God, but at a deeper level, we all are God. We’ve allowed our fears and ego to edge God out of our lives, which has much to do with all of the disease not only in our bodies, but in our world as well. She spoke of learning to treasure our magnificence and live as beings of light and love, and of the healing properties inherent in such a mind-set.

While I was writing my new book Wishes Fulfilled, Anita Moorjani came into my life as if to place an exclamation point on all that I was receiving and recording. She lived it and said it so beautifully—and now you’re blessed to be able to read and apply all that Anita came to know in her furious bout with advanced cancer, and her tranquil journey back through the direct experience of Divine healing.

May you take Anita’s words and become an instrument of removing any and all disease from your body, your relationships, your country, and our world. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning once observed poetically: “Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God.” Indeed, healing and heaven on Earth are yours for the loving.
Enjoy Anita’s wonderful, wonderful book. I love it, and I love her.

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Lee Anne says:

Anita gives words to my NDE experience that I was seeking but could not express. She has empowered me to believe in my inner God and explore what it means in my life. It was an incredible experience, this is an incredible book. Thank you, Wayne, for introducing her to me, thank you Anita, for putting my emotions and experience into words.

Jordan Klimp says:

The essence of pure love is formulated through a perspective that shares emotional kindness to the soul of who we are. It holds a polarity that reflects a prism of sensational beauty, and shares honor for the emotional preferences we are culminating as pure desire. Pure love always benefits. A polarity that always feels good in the end.

myriam says:

Wayne, I am very touched by the video about the spiritual surgery done by entities through John of God.
You give a lot to others, accept the divine experience of love that you must receive. I feel you should go to Brazil.
You will be touched by unforgettable lives.
Healing is a gift and a two way path.
Walk both ways.

Eric says:

Dr. Dyer:

Thanks so much! Your books inspired me as a teen. I went from being a high school dropout to earning a university degree. You also inspired me to begin my own quest for knowledge. I’d love to share with you my own explorations on the science of affirmations, love, nutrition, longevity, charisma and happiness

John says:

I have just viewed The Shift for the 3rd time. I was impressed the first time. But this time I am really thinking about the decisions I may need to make in my life in order to achieve a Shift. I am 72 years old.

Susan says:

I just finished reading , “Dying to be Me” on my kindle and there came upon the screen an offer to purchase Wayne’s newest book. I bought it and read it. These two books have changed my life forever. I have reclaimed my life and I know who I AM. Thanks to Wayne and Anita for sharing their wisdom.

Mike says:

I was struck by the similarities experienced by Anita Moorjani and the story told in this video from TED from a lady/scientist who had a stroke and apparently a NDE. In both cases the message is affirming and encouraging. Just like Wayne D.

Nancy says:

This week I have been praying for some tools to help me comfort my sister who recently found out her cancer has returned. Once again, Wayne has found his way into my life with a recommendation for a book that might be just what I was searching for. Thank you God for Wayne!!!!!!

Ben says:

A like to thank all of you for sharing. From the Nederlands I send my love.

Linda says:

New here. Which book would serve the purpose of how to let go of anger, hate, etc., that may include your life story as a child? thanks…..

Giles says:

This is a very important message that every one should take seriously. The challenge facing our world today is that the majority of humans are oblivious to this truth. Even those who have heard about it, and in some way, make some sense of it are not- unfortunately- living it and expressing unconditional love.

Shelly Conley says:

Waking up this blessed rainy Sunday morning, channel 18 had Wayne Dyer speaking about the power of positive thinking and the connection to God during this process, emphasizing “with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.” On this beautiful Sunday morning, I believe that God intended me to hear what Mr. Dyer had to say and for this I am truly thankful.

Anthony says:

I have been a student of spritual beliefs and have read many books on the topic. Of the many books I have read Anita’s story has aided me in uncovering a deeper sense of who I am and how we are all connected. Love, Love, Love has been my mantra for some time and when something like this comes along I feel such great Peace, Joy and Love.

dp says:

…because the greatest is love! dp

Gian Paolo says:

That Was a Beautiful Wayne!! Once Again, you’ve Inspired me to feel and experience so much Love and Inner Peace. I will Read Anita’s book. God Bless you!

Neerja says:

How does Anita look upon any unfulfilled desires she had in the past? Does it even matter anymore? Is the answer simple in that Love makes one Fearless? Love makes one completely fulfilled in this moment? What an amazing experience to have shared with the world. It affirms my favorite song. All You Need Is Love.

David Freer says:

Love your approach. What are your thoughts regarding the duality of the universe? All that is has its counterpart- light/dark, love/hate, etc. Would we know love if we haven’t experienced hate and vice-versa? Aren’t we born with the capacity for love and hate? Light and darkness are both necessary for life. Your thoughts would be most appreciated!

Debra Bento says:

On a visit to Notre Dame. An old woman sat next to my husband and whispered in French. The woman sitting behind us leaned over and said he had been blessed. A couple of seconds later the old woman vanished. I do believe he was visited by an angel. Thank you Dr. Dyer for the insight you have given to me and so many others.. Peace and love to you.

Joseph Wadas says:

Books such as this can teach us to think like God thinks. Can there be any greater lesson in life? Like the cave-dwellers in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” we can be tempted to accept the shadowy illusion as reality. Thanks for the reminder. Namaste!

Renee says:

This book rattled my awareness and has given me much to re-evaluate about how I “be” in my life. All my life I’ve searched ways to undo the conditioning. I first had to learn that it was okay to love myself before I could begin to love myself again. This book has given me a sense of relief and great hope. Thank you Anita & Wayne.

Milena Joy Morris says:

Dying to Be Me is not to be missed! This book is deeply moving, profound, powerful, and it just feels SO GOOD coming away from reading it. Beautifully written & Inspirational. Thank you Anita for you. Thank you Wayne for you too. This world is blessed to have you both in it. How did we get so lucky?!

Nicole says:

Transforming book! I end every day with either your words or Anita’s words in my mind. Just now as I was listening to your interviews with lilou mace. You quoted Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Minutes later I went to check my Facebook and there was THAT quote about the bush afire! I just love this stuff!! Thank you!


~beautiful picture, you two~ Anita, Dr. Dyer – I LOOK FORWARD to reading this amazing experience…. and I too know I won’t fear dead like I once might have. Blessings, Love & Gratitude ….. VALERIE 🙂

Kurt says:

As always Wayne you are where all of us need to be. I have been following you for years and it seems as if your words and teachings were meant for me exactly at the moment I needed them the most. And of course they are, Thank you for being you! Someday I will be able to meet you, someday soon. Namaste!!

Phil says:

I’m only half finished with your wonderful “Wishes Fulfilled” book, and your words have help guide and heal me so much after my recent stem cell transplant. I’m ordering Anita’s book today to help continue and experience my Devine healing.

Margaret says:

Pure love is what it’s all about – Anita’s story is another great example of how love holds existence together- I look forward to reading it –

Willam says:

Thanks for comments about Anitas Story.They are really very uplifting.

Wendy says:

I am a cancer survivor also, it really does change the way you live. I have a story that I share with my friends that included a pre diagnosis warning and the same warning when I didn’t think I could bear the cancer journey any longer. It has changed how I think about life dramatically! I actually “live” it now!!