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Reinventing Your Holidays

If you find yourself looking forward to the end of the holiday season instead of the beginning, here’s a call to shift gears and reclaim what should be a time of appreciation, excitement, joy, and peace. Make up your mind that this is going to be your happiest holiday season ever. Your decision to emphasize the positive can reclaim a season that is supposed to bring out the best in us, rather than do us in. The truth is that this time of year offers us a wonderful opportunity to rekindle the spirit of love and living life to the fullest.

With your expectations set on positive, here are some attitude adjustments to try:

I’ll let the holidays flow, rather than trying to make them fit into a fixed schedule.

I’ll remember that people are more important than things.

I’ll relax my expectations for myself and others this year.

I’m going to live in the present moment and enjoy each activity for itself instead of always thinking about what is ahead of me.

I’m going to approach the holidays with a sense of joyful anticipation and wonder, just like I did when I was a child.

By vowing to think and behave in more meaningful ways, you’ll find in each present moment of the holiday season something to savor and enjoy. Each moment of our lives affords us a choice and the holiday season is no exception. This life is a miracle, each and every particle of it, and the holiday season is a celebration of the miraculousness of it all.
You have choices in this business of holiday celebrations. The responsibility is always your own. The true meaning of the holidays is one of joy, love, peace, and happiness. Cultivate a child-like awe and appreciation and have a joyous holiday!


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Joshua says:

Dr. Dyer, you influenced my New Year’s resolution, which is to ACCOMPLISH MORE BY TRYING LESS. Thank you!

Michele says:

Thanks Dr. Dyer, You really do inspire me. This is the hardest Christmas ever for me, lost people who meant so much, but…In the sadness of it all, I didn’t do all the “stuff” that I normally would do… that I thought was so important about Christmas. I now don’t feel guilty.Looking forward to Reinventing my life, Peace

Donna says:

I have an adult son with developmental disabilities and other coexisting conditions. Born December 25th, he is the perfect gift that came wrapped in imperfection. During the holidays, I celebrate the miracle of who we are — perfect gifts wrapped in imperfection.

Donna says:

Holidays flow with love and light. I’m reminded that light magically comes through the cracks of imperfection by something you quoted Leonard Cohen as having said a few years ago: “Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

Christmas shouldnt make us angry. Being caught in consumerism and setting up the “perfect” christmas leads to turmoil. Someone elses gifts and party will be better and the relatives are going to flip out. That is life. We can say, the party is perfect because God is here (where isnt God?) and the company is great (they are God too)


Dr.Dyer. Thanks again for your comments, as I said before you inspire me. I’m going to comment about this post on my NeverMadAgain blog,

I Hope I can keep inspiring people as you do.

God Bless You

Kenneth says:

No Bah Humbugs here thanks to you, Dr.Dyer.Your words have impacted my life in the most wonderful ways. My best wishes to you and your family. May each of your days be filled with love and peace returned from all those lives you have touched and changed over the years.

Joshua says:

The Christmas season always felt magical to me. The snow, evergreens, colorful lights, fire in the fireplace, and the love of the season create a kind of synergy that makes me look forward to it every year. Perhaps the benevolent spirit of Saint Nicholas is most alive during this time. Happy holidays, everyone!

Mucunda says:

Dear friend, I enjoy everything in l your books, but what I love a lot is the part of your personal anecdotes, about your children, yours and your friends, that I really love.
so you MUST and should write your autobiography, ( WELL DETAILED)
Merry Christma

John, Stn Isl says:

We can never have enough reminders of the true meaning the holidays. My best to you and everyone you reach.

Willam says:

Thank you for your teachings.We really appreciate them.we live with Francesco technology and its really incredible the way it helps to feel in bliss at any time. Your Lao tzu book is really outstanding.We need to deliver that one for everyone. That would change the way people feel life. Blessings, forgiveness and love to everyone.

Mucunda says:

es un bello articulo, como siempre , muy acertado.
i am very happy re-reding intention ( power),
siempre hay algo nuevo en la relectura.
besos a Ran dass

Helene Sinclair says:

Thank you for sharing this very simple way of looking at the holidays. When we truly open our eyes, we see the gifts that surround us every day – as you say with child-like awe!

Joseph Wadas says:

It is no coincidence that the holidays occur near the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. The message in this is important: at the time when things are darkest and coldest, there is light, joy, peace, and warmth. Savor each precious moment of the holidays and every day. Namaste.

Arita says:

I think reevaluating our holiday traditions and giving ourselves permission to reshape them truly makes them better. I wrote about this in my book “The Santa Story Revisited – How to Give Your Children a Santa They Will Never Outgrow”. I think you would find it something you would endorse.

Diane says:

Thank you, Dr. Wayne, I needed this spiritually uplifting message this morning and at this time in my life. You are such an inspiration to me. Blessings to you and all who read this.