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As I was driving my daughter Sommer to the airport for her return to college after a long weekend home, she was admiring my new watch. This was the first new timepiece I’d had in at least a decade. I really enjoyed looking at its shiny steel-and-black face, and as I did, I’d think about how this was my favorite watch of all time. Yet I knew in my heart that Sommer would love to wear it, since men’s watches seemed to be the current craze for young women.

As I dropped her off at the curb and assisted her with her luggage, I was prompted to remove the watch and give it to her, even though it was my most prized possession (particularly since I have almost no possessions any longer that I even care about, let alone prize).

Sommer’s response was, “No, Dad, you love this watch!”

I insisted, telling her that I’d feel greater joy by giving it to her and knowing she’d treasure it. I also felt that it would symbolize our staying together in time, even though we’d be thousands of miles apart. She boarded her plane glowing, and I left feeling that I had grown immeasurably as a person, since such a compassionate act would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for me several years ago.

Sommer called me in Maui a few months later to tell me that she was sending me a present, stressing that it was a very, very special gift. It turned out to be her all-time favorite painting that she’d created and had hung in her apartment for a long time. As she told me later: “I really learned something the day you gave me your beloved watch, and I wanted to give you something that’s my single most precious item. I’m giving it to you, Dad, even though it’s difficult to part with, because I want you to have a piece of me that I love with you.”

The painting hangs proudly on my wall as a symbol of the beauty and perfection of reaching out compassionately in response to a felt moment. By being and living compassion, you invite and encourage others, just by your example, to choose to do the same.




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Jared says:

Thanks for sharing your personal story with us. My wife shared a similar experience with me, as a child her mother encouraged her to give her most prized possession to a friend as a gift. I’ve been able to sort of take this with me… when I feel as if I can’t part with something physical, it’s time to let it go.

Magnolia says:

My son read all 18 Common Excuses/Affirmations from your book “Excuses Begone.” He wanted a copy of each to take back to college. So, we framed all 18 Excuses/Affirmations for him to hang on the wall in his dorm rm. A true Christmas gift to my son! Please share it!! Dr. Dyer, May God Continue to Bless You & Your Family!


Life’s a rental. No material possession is ours forever. Not even our bodies. The only I believe we owe and take to the afterlife is our soul. Material things only give short time joy. Soul enriching events like the one you had with Sommer last forever. In this life and in the after life. God bless people like you.



Erin says:

I appreciate this reminder of sharing. After reflecting for a few moments, a question arose. When following this practice would you then give the picture away if someone you cared for really wanted it (i.e. sister, mom), or are items that have sentimental treated differently?

Dani says:

I wanted so much to come and see you in San Diego but due to fiances cannot make it I know you will be amazingly awesome and will be there in spirit with you. Just know that every moment has counted…and every moment has meant a change, an improvememt in someones life. As always and forever you are revered.

Dani says:

I loved this story as a metaphor and in it’s own right. I am passing along the message (on a local level) of what you are teaching us. My goal is to do as good a job as you do in teaching others. I also wish you the best in health and longevity. You have been “significant” in our lives and we treasure your generous spirit.

Sheryl says:

Merry Christmas.

This year I am sharing with others a book I love, and I hope they will love also. It’s a funny sweet story called “Lamb – The Gospel According to Biff ” by Christopher Moore.

I know you’re a busy person but if you want a fun light read, read this.

Merry Christmas 🙂 Sheryl Smock

pipeline says:

Wayne maestro espiritual que Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre. Gracias por todas esas ensenanzas, un abrazo desde Bogota Colombia.

lasse says:

This autumn I’ve read excuses begone, and I’ve just seen the shift and “you can heal your life” with loise l hay. Your words are truly a great help for me beeing the best father I can be to my two wonderfull children! In the words of so many others, thank you!

Janet Pfeiffer says:

Compassion is “the ability to feel another’s pain with a strong desire to alleviate it.” We need to be a more compassionate world and the way to do that is by recognizing that we are all hurting. Rather than judge others harshly for the mistakes they make, we need to be healers to one another and reach out with understanding. Thank you, Wayne.

mary louise r. caine says:

Merry Christmas Wayne–Very nice story about you and your daughter. It brings back memories of my dad, especially this time of years. I’ve enjoyed, and benefited from your books throughout the years.
Peace to us all this New Year 🙂
Mary Lou

Edith says:

Wow……you are certainly my inspiration and have been for a very long time. I am not there yet; but every day I am a step closer to being able to part with a prized possession which I only have a couple of. I give my time, my love, & many things that are just stuff, but I have not reached that point yet. Namaste.

Dennis says:

A Course In Miracles says: “If you can accept the concept that the world is one of ideas, the whole belief in the false association the ego makes between giving and losing is gone.” Also from the Course: “The cost of giving IS receiving.”

Nealon Hightower says:

Thank you for sharing that personal story, Wayne. Thanks for reminding us of the power of compassion. It is one of the traits I most admire about you and work daily to create in my own life.

Michel says:

Hi Dr. Dyer.

I read your book “You’ll See When you Believe it” about a year after it was published. It literally changed the way I express thoughts, as in treating everything as a possession. I see people writing expressions such as “I have to have” or “I need you to do this for me” and think they should read the book.

Kim :) says:

Hey Wayne,
Thank you so much for sharing your life through your tapes, books, CDs, DVDs, and your blog!!! You have a way of touching us in so many ways. I think it is awesome how your stories teach us soooo much. Thank you for that!!! Hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday season. You are in my prayers!