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Success Secrets

One of my secrets for feeling successful and attracting bountiful abundance into my life has been an internal axiom that I use virtually every day of my life. It goes like this: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. This has always worked for me.

The truth of this little maxim is actually found in the field of quantum physics, which, according to some, is a subject that’s not only stranger than you think it is, it’s stranger than you can think. It turns out that at the tiniest subatomic level, the actual act of observing a particle changes the particle. The way we observe these infinitely small building blocks of life is a determining factor in what they ultimately become. If we extend this metaphor to larger and larger particles and begin to see ourselves as particles in a larger body called humanity or even larger—life itself—then it’s not such a huge stretch to imagine that the way we observe the world we live in affects that world.

Think of this little journey into quantum physics as a metaphor for your life. Your feelings of success and your experience of prosperity and abundance depend on your positive view of yourself, your life, and the Universe from which success and abundance come. Changing the way you look at things is an extremely powerful tool. Start by examining how you look at things. Is the Universe matching your way of looking?




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Tina Crumpacker says:

This one paragraph alone could transform anyone’s life who embraced this awareness. Thank you for modelling fulfilling your purpose; to give and receive love and knowledge. You have inspired me to inspire others for DECADES.

Dr. Jennifer Howard says:

Thanks for the reminder. Changing the way we embrace life is worth working toward. Quantum physics has much to teach us about consciousness.

Dr. Jennifer Howard

Donnie S. says:

Until recently, I didn’t truly put the two together: You attract abundance into your life because of the personal axiom you hold: “Change the way you look at things…” I think it’s a more clear formula, I didn’t quite understand. I value your insights and experience. Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer for writing a book about Tao Te Ching. It’s invaluable.

cathrine in Norway says:

Thank you !

Jenn says:

Thank you for all that you do Wayne, your books and attitude have helped to reshape my life. I have lived by this particular saying for quite sometime and often refer to it when someone is complaining about something in their life. It truly is a live changing quote.

Andrew Griffiths says:

Dear Dr Dyer – your words, your books, your cd’s – are all truly inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I was wondering if you plan to come to Australia to present any time in the near future? We would love to see you down here.

Mike says:

Thank you Wayne for all your work, you making change indeed!
You always were and are the life example of mine with relation to your father. From lectures on how you forgive your father (knowing what he’ve done to you and family) is incredible, is unbelievable, its unreachable level of spirituality that you’re at. I wish I could get this high…

AlexHammer says:

We using such principles in our campaign for Governor of Maine

I’ve read many of your books.

Kyle Beckwermert says:

The moment i started to look at my friends and family through the scope of love, a transformation took place, what was once bitterness and anger had turned into hope and excitment
If you dont see the love blossom in them, i gaurantee, you will see it within yourself. and that has made all the difference for me.

Penny says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer, for everything you give of yourself so freely, for everything I’ve learned from you so far………

Nealon says:

Thank you Wayne, for circulating peace and love through wisdom.

Sandra says:

Glad to find your blog! I am a blogger too! Saw you “in person” lots at Unity North Atl. Carole O’Connell is a best friend. Now that we are both retired we have time to play. Thanks for the wisdom. The best to your family. Make my day. Leave a comment on my blog!

Jenn Alberts says:

My daughter explained to me today something about Heaven that I hadn’t considered. It was this:
Mom, the six o’clock news in Heaven must be very different than on Earth because everyone in Heaven is good. The news guy must say, “Today an old woman was helped across the street safely. Let’s all be like that.”

gary says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer.

Donna says:

Dr Dyer I have been listening to your Excuses Begone In Maui. To show us that you get angry and have fustration helps us to see you as a regular person who has these things in life as well. It gives me hope to know that I can change. I love ya!

Donna says:

I use that quote all the time because it really works. We really do have control of the way our life come to be. I believe that it helps us to quite our selfs so that all those wonderful signs that tell us we are on the right path can be heard. Namaste

Sanjay says:

Namaste Dr Dyer!
Thank You for your wonderful words. My life has been full of Peace and Love since the day you appeared in my life.
With Gratitude.

cindy says:

This is now being recognized in the general media. An example is the new novel “the lost symbol” by Dan Brown. The more people who recognize these truths the quicker the human consciousness will move toward the light. Thank you for your insight.

Nathalie says:

I hope to meet you one day Dr. Wayne! YOu are one of my inspirations:)

Laurie Martin says:

I love the way you brilliantly describe Truth!!! You have a pround, percise, and perfect way of creating pictures which helps to instantly remember!! All I can say is WOW! Love your mind and spirit.

Tara says:

Lovely lovely post. Great reminder!