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Where Spirit Lives

Everyone has a favorite spiritual setting, a natural place that speaks to your heart and thereby to your soul. Living on Maui, I find beauty in all directions—the lush green mountains, the ocean, the sky, the flowers. While filming The Shift, we had a chance to experience the spectacular rocky, windswept coast of central California. The sea can range from turquoise to emerald to steely gray in a single afternoon and when the fog rolls in, it swirls mysteriously around the dark branches of the pines. Surrounded by nature’s majesty, it’s easy to feel the presence of Spirit and reconnect with the love that supports all life. Wherever you live, you’re only a few hours (or even minutes) away from a natural setting that will revive, refresh, and inspire you. What scenery do you love—the shelter of the forest, the expanse of the desert, the peace of a mountain meadow? Give yourself permission to get away so that you can camp in the outdoors, swim in a river, lake, or ocean, ride on horseback, or ski down a mountain. While you’re making plans, take a walk in the park, breathe deeply, hug a tree, notice the natural world that surrounds us, and I guarantee you will feel closer to the real person inside.




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cathrine says:

There is beauty everywhere
and I am so grateful
for it fills my lungs with life
and my heart with hope.

There is beauty everwhere
and you and I are there!
There is beauty everywhere
and WE are it!

Cathrine L

cathrine says:

“All the beauty that you see, is part of a maze of memory that begins within your heart.”

Shawn Gallaway.

Yvonne says:

I am blessed to be living completely immersed in nature for the next 6 months or so. I love to be at one with it. I have found a couple of great meditation spots where I contemplate a verse from the Tao Te Ching in your book and do the exercises daily! Wonderful work Wayne!!!!


Nathalie says:

I grew up in a small town called Jasper(Canada) Such a beautiful fairy land. I appreciate nature in so many ways and every time i connect with nature i feel a new sense of purpose and aw. Your work is so inspiring to me Wayne, thank you for your gifts of light and love.

Nathalie says:

I wanted to ask you a question Wayne and it’s a but off the topic… Do you believe in reuniting souls from past lives??? And using materials such a beeswax forms to bring them together?? I have had an encounter with a spiritualist and am seeking some guidance

Patricia says:

Not to long ago I was walking at one of my favorite places and it was evening and I met a Deer down the path. He didn’t jump, run away or even looked scared. We both just stared at each other for a few minutes before he walked away. I was in Awe and very thankful that i got so close to such a beautiful creature.

Krisztina Kepli says:

I spent 10 days on Maui in 2003. It was love at first sight. Your books are helping me a lot not to give up. I am Hungarian and I understand Pawel. I feel the same thing about Hungarians. We need your message desperately! I tell people about your books when I can. Thank You for all that You do!

Jerene says:

I moved to a place in southern Illinois that is so full of power, the air almost vibrates with it. I only have to stand on my front porch and breathe in the smell of pine and earth to ground myself each day. I have truly felt my soul healed here.

Pawel says:

Wayne, I sent you a massage but I do not know If you receive or not (probably so many e-mails sent to you every day). I would like to translate your videos, audio recordings into polish so that my family, friends and whole country could take advantage of that. Please let me know what do you think about that.


Walking In Stillness says:

I love expansive views in Nature, whether it be in the Mountains or at Sea.

Therefore, when the mind becomes expansive, then we have found our own personal Nature,

And can be Happy no matter where we travel.

Richard says:

When will YOU become fully enlightened? Ego you won’t, Higher SELF you IS. When you accept that you are already fully enlightened AND learning “you know that you do not know” when you can take this pebble from my hand grasshopper… See:A Course In Miracles workbook for students Lesson 61 pp.102-103 Just Be Cause, be fully enlightened. BE LOVE.

Judy says:

Nature is God’s gift to us. In July I visited Yosemite Valley. Seeing massive, huge, granite rock formations reflecting in the clear water of Merced River. It doesn’t get much better. I love taking photo. It’s a way of bring nature into my home.

Lisa says:

Looking out our kitchen window in the morning, sitting at the table, having coffee and watching the hummingbirds flutter on and around the tree with the windows open and the fresh air coming in. :):)

Kyle Beckwermert says:

Wayne, the most beautiful movie that describes the field of intention to a tee. Watch the Sphere with Dustin Hoffman, the last 10 minutes gave me goose flesh. There is a sphere within each one of us.

Lupita says:

…”EveryOne born to Love because we come from Love”.
Lupita Villalvazo

…”Todos Nacemos para Amar Porque Venimos del Amor”.
Lupita Villalvazo

Lupita says:

Lots of thank Yous Saint Wayne.
I love you,

Kristen :) says:

We must look past all that is and look towards all that isn’t.

Kristen says:

..a vessel sets out to sea it rocks on the tides and comes across a storm. It weathers the storm and the crew works with the tools at hand. They don’t understand why the waves rock but they know they must reach their destination… argue amongst one another while the storm is happening rather than pull together they may lose their lives.

Kristen says:

…we must move from ambition to meaning. …. I began to see that ambition is Man’s will to dominate as meaning is God’s will to harmoniate. To live on this earth in peace. We our simply the players. The crew of the boat….We didn’t not create the boat nor did we write the rules therefore we are not the captains or the judges…

Priti says:

Namaste Dr Dyer!
Here in Denver the FALL COLORS are amazing right now and just today I was singing the glory to myself. Your words always are like the MESSAGE FROM ABOVE .THANK YOU! for keeping me centered.

nikhil says:

love the prayer you shared in one of your audios of st francis,

i have another version recited by miten and deva premal – prayer of st francis which i want you to hear.


Donna says:

I listened to Lipton, and the “Virus of the Mind.” I am ready for the “Excuses Begone,”lessons. Getting back in touch with nature was one of the thing on my list. Being in touch with nature is within me. At work we have a wonderful garden, and I always pass it enjoying the wonderful beauty. I hear a drumming circle calling as well LOL. Namaste

Ana says:

I just bought and watched the movie The Shift, it was beautiful and inspiring, a masterpiece. I wished Dr. Wayne Dyer could include Nicaragua in one of his live conferences, I really wish to meet him and thank him for inspiring and opening my eyes.

Carolyn says:

So true Wayne. I walk my dog, inhale the beauty of the earth and my writing takes on a lustre that only nature can inspire. Even glancing out the window helps, or standing outside and looking at the full moon, or even the crescent moon, must seeing nature, feeling its power and its peace. Perfection.

Heidi says:

Dr. Dyer, thank you as always for your message and today’s reconnect reminder.

Tara, Nilla and Terry, Those are such beautiful examples. Thanks for sharing your spiritual settings. Today I will head to my favorite close to home place.

Terry (whyguy) says:

Nature is so unpredictable; it rains, it gets cold, it snows, and can change in an instant. I am not that much different than nature, what better way to connect to myself than to connect with that which changes as quickly as I do. This morning I walked in the mist and could not see the world before me, but I saw the world within. Thank you.

Nilla says:

I walk in the forest with my dog and see the seasons shifts. In the spring I talk my camera and take pics of the flower as they grow. It’s like life assents. They grow, bloom and dies and the following spring the lifecircles begins again.
Every time in life has it´s purpose.


Tara says:

Love nature. My favorite natural setting is a pasture with my horse running around enjoying his own life.