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Summers in Sombra

There’s a new book in the family and I love it dearly. My big brother Dave has written a heartfelt and healing memoir that begins with our early childhood together and carries him into the present day. From Darkness to Light is filled with discoveries and insights, sorrows and triumphs. Dave decided not to “die with his music still in him” by waking up the writing gift he had long suppressed. Here’s a summer memory from our childhood that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have:

“While living in foster care in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Wayne and I didn’t get to see Mother or our older brother Jim very often—certainly not often enough. One reason was that Mother didn’t drive and had no way of getting to us. The separation of our family tore at her heart. Mother worked at Chrysler, earning the typical female wage for whatever job she was doing. In those days, men made almost double the wages paid to females for the same job. My mother’s greatest wish was to somehow reunite her family again. With this in mind, she finally decided to marry Bill Drury, a fellow she’d been dating for a couple of years.

Bill’s mother Cora owned a cottage in Sombra, Ontario. I remember all of us going there in the summer of 1948. For Wayne and me, it was as if we were visiting some kind of Fantasy Island. We’d swim, fish, play baseball, listen to ballgames on the radio, and even learn to play pinochle.

Jim and Wayne seemed able to swim right away, but it didn’t come easy for me. Although I enjoyed just being in the water, swimming wasn’t one of my favorite sports or pastimes. It did bother me that my little brother Wayne, who was a year and a half younger than me, could swim circles around me. He, of course, would never brag or say anything to make me feel bad.

A half a mile down the road from the cottage was the river access where we swam. If we dove off the dock, the water was deep and over our heads. If we swam straight out about fifty feet, we’d reach the sand bar where the water was only waist high. Jim and Wayne would dive in, and within seconds, they’d be standing on the sand bar. There was no
way I could swim fifty feet, so I’d dive in and get out right away. So much for swimming!

Other summer memories include watching the magnificent fireworks display on the Fourth of July, cutting the grass with a push mower, and playing baseball. Wayne and I played catch whenever we could. We’d even watch the local Sombra baseball team practice and run the bases for them. Jim met a girl named Ethyl that summer, so he was always preoccupied with her. Wayne and I were inseparable.

One afternoon, Wayne and I discovered a nearby gas station run by a guy named Bill. Whenever the Tigers games aired on the radio, we’d head over to the gas station and listen to the game. We pretty much had free rein that summer. Mother, Bill, Cora, and Bill’s cousin Margaret seemed to play pinochle at the cottage day and night.”

Excerpted from From Darkness to Light by David L. Dyer. Copyright ©2012 (Balboa Press).

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mahvesh says:


Patricia says:

At this time in my life I only wish I could meet someone as incredible as Dr. Dyer. Just an honest compliment directed toward Dr. Dyer.

Claudia says:

Hello ,Dr. Dyer you came to my life in a very difficult time . I’m in the process of divorce and your movie The Shift gave me the hope that my life is not over, at lease not jet ! Please , continue your beautiful job and God bless your soul .

amir says:

and second one, i have a teacher that i love, in your opinion is it right to give her a cadeau like necklace or ring? does she become angry? or accept it?

amir says:

hi mr dyer i am one of your fan and i realy love you. you had a great influence on me and you changed my life completely. i always wanted to see you or writing to you. i have 2 question. can you send me a prayer for become rich a

Lela Starseed says:

Thankyou for your presence, thankyou for your love and thankyou for your peace. Everytime I listen to you on Hayhouse Radio my heart opens even more and reminds me of my life purpose. On July 7th I had the amazing opportunity to speak with you on Hayhouse Radio about my recovery from Chronic Fatigue. Wow what a blessing!!

Tryna H says:

Thank you for sharing your world with us. I sent “Experiencing Miraculous” to my parents. My father was taken back as it reflects the life experiences he has also encountered. He wanted me to get in touch with you as you have been touched by the spiritual world as he has. I’m uncertain how to contact you but is important to do so.

Tom H. says:

Wayne, It is obvious you have had a strong parental model over the years. It is probabaly important that people remember things about your story like your Mom worked at Chrysler and that you were in Ontario (a great place) as a young person. The spirituality of this conquers many things about the “ennui” and uncertainties of living today.

Kathryn E. May says:

Thank you, Wayne. You continue to inspire us all. I would like to send you the present of my favorite new book. If I send it through Hay House, will you get it? You’ll recognize it by the painting of trees by Fritze Heisler on the package.
I will be on the Mediterranean cruise in Sept. Can’t wait! Until then, sending love and light,

Linda says:

Hello Wayne. I just viewed you movie The Shift, what an inspiration. I noticed that you mentioned that you smelled roses at two very spiritual moments in your life. I don’t know if you know this or not the the Blessed Virgin Mary is always associated with the smell of roses.

Praj says:

thank u so much for the story Wayne. I am regular reader of ur blog, articles books.currently I am reading “Inspiration”..and its amazing….I so loved the comparison of we coming from our source like a droplet of blood from our body.
thank u so much for ur wonderful sharing always
God bless u.

Donna R says:

David and Wayne Thank you for this book!My husband and I are reading it. It is so needed for my husband who is adopted and lived with many foster parents and who has reached for alcohol to sooth him. At the age of 48 he has learned that he wanted more in life along with peace. This book is a comfort to him. Luv you both

mary says:

Dear Wayne, I wanted to extend my prayers to surround you with love at this transition time with your Mother. I was blessed to be with both my father and my mother at the time of their passing. While i did weep for the passing of their human existance,i seen their passing as a beautiful gift. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Amy says:

Thanks for the story, Wayne. After listening to your talks and CDs, it’s kinda fun to read a story of your youth from the eyes of your brother. Love your work. If David thought he had a hard time catching up to you in the river, he might have a real challenge keeping up to with his books! He’s a bit behind! lol…

Young Kim says:

At one of my lowest points, Wayne’s book, “Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life” made me realize that it was my THOUGHTS that were the source of my troubles and I had the POWER to control them. I wrote a book about coming out of the abyss: Could anyone read it and let me know what they think:

Veronica Perez Triay (the Cuban girl from Miami) says:


Phyllis says:

Thank you, Wayne, for all you have done to transform this world.
I feel John of God is an incredibly powerful undertaking for transforming this world (Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven).
Do you have any ideas for getting John of God information to the many suffering people of the US?

Donna Rinelli says:

David and Wayne, The strength your mother had has brought such light into the world.First by making you and second keeping to her calling raising such inspirational people who spread her light to others.Hazel we thank you for not dieing with your music inside of you, by hearing your calling to raise wonderful children that have touched the world.

Mary says:

Wayne, I would like to purchase your meditation CD called “Evening Meditation For Manifesting Introduction” I particularly want the introductory meditation but it doesn’t appear to be available to buy. Can you help me with this please Wayne?

– Mary