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Take a Vacation from Your Routine on A Less-Traveled Path

I hope you’ll be taking a vacation this year — and I don’t necessarily mean a long journey to a distant land. The word vacation comes from a Latin root meaning “freedom or release from something.”

On vacation, you are free from your regular routine; your time is empty or vacant and you can fill it with something new that will heal and inspire you. A great way to move forward in your life is to use your vacation or release time to practice facing your habitual fears and the limiting behaviors they create.

You can take a vacation anywhere — to a new neighborhood, a new city, or a new country — and simply be a new you who is flexible and flowing and tries new things. Take a vacation without any guarantees — just go, and let yourself be guided by your instincts rather than a detailed itinerary.

  1. Eat at a restaurant that serves food you are unfamiliar with,
  2. attend a ballet or a soccer game,
  3. visit a mosque,
  4. take a yoga class,
  5. go on a nature hike,
  6. or do anything else that you may have been afraid of.

Decide to outgrow the excuses you’ve employed, and adopt a philosophy of having a mind that’s open to everything and attached to nothing.

Affirm:I choose the less-traveled path and resist seeking out familiarity and an illusion of security.




Jaison Borucinski says:

.. experience and ‘purpose’.. the ESSENCE of Travel! Thank you so much Wayne! I look forward to shaking your hand one day, somewhere in the middle of this wide wide world…

Tara says:

That is exactly what I have been doing with our vacations this year. As well as the training in Rapid Trauma Resolution I am doing, the Type-A Mom Conference I’m going to and with my own personal therapy. I’m stepping outside my zone of comfort and moving forward!

Lane says:

I pullled a card for you from your dear friend Deepak’s card deck:
“I’m in balance with myself and the world around me.”
“I recognize that when I’m in balance, I possess a level of strength and flexibility that allows me to meet any challenge effortlessly.”
May these words give you the inspiration that you continually give to me. Peace and Love.

Thuso Monggae (South Africa) says:

Dr, Wayne Dyer, Thank You, indeed you are a great Teacher.

Janis says:

I love the idea of the opportunity to be a new you while going on vacation, that same sense of freedom that I feel contemplating a vacation means I have the power to be my best self and not let “old patterns” hold me hostage. Thanks Wayne! Just that one little phrase really got me going

Donna says:

I so agree. At times I will take a vacation and just stay home. Enjoying the freedom of no obligations. Other times I go to other places and try new things. This year I went to St Martin & St Thomas, and I still feel the relaxing effect it gave me. I tried new foods, and talked to many new people. Vacations are very healing. Namaste Donna

Carolyn says:

I’ve become a television news correspondent on a local news, director of a local poetry society, teach poetry writing classes, I have my first poetry books ready to be published, I have been winning contests, including one on here. it started when I scored 104% on a test on Your Erroneous Zones. It’s all because of you. Thank you.

Terri says:

Dr. Dyer…While on vacation I was flipping channels and stopped to watch your PBS special. The next day I purchased your book Inspiration and now looking forward to your NY workshop. My mind is open for my ultimate calling.

Jeff Chai says:

Absolutely Dr. Dyer! So cool to find your website! Your book Excuses Begone has changed my life! Thank you!

Jody Jael says:

You’ve been such an important teacher for me since I’ve committed to my own conscious awareness. My dream for the last 15 years has to become a writer. With your encouraging words I have finally decided to take the less-traveled path and started my own blog.Thank you for being that inspiration I needed.

Michael D. Correro says:

Dr. Dyer, I read “Your Erroneous Zones”, when I was 19, I am now 49. Your book was my first book to read from cover to cover, because I had been lead to believe I couldn’t read/comprehend due to Dyslexia. Thank you for all you do for us, as a teacher, as a friend, as only uniquely you can! God Bless you and your family.

nicole says:

I’m blessed to have this experience with you on this earth! Much love and appreciation to you daily! – Nicole

Jenny says:

Thank you Wayne. God bless you and Namaste.

cherrie says:

Thx for allowing yourself to be a vessel. My thoughts and prayers are with you through your new health journey!