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What’s Wrong with Ambition?

In talking about my new movie The Shift, I’ve had a lot of questions about the nature of ambition. If the shift to a purposeful life is moving from ambition to meaning, why is it that we have to get away from ambition? What’s wrong with ambition? Isn’t that what we need to reach our goals and realize our dreams? I know it sounds contradictory—isn’t life full of seeming contradictions that we have to balance?—but in fact, we don’t have to give up ambition, only shift it toward the things we are here to achieve, the music we are here to play. You can be ambitious about having meaning in your life. I don’t think I’m not ambitious right now. I get more done now than I’ve ever gotten done in my life: creating books, writing all the time, living a very fulfilled life, making money, giving lectures, and doing all the kinds of things I do, but there’s a part of me that is so content and peaceful with who I am and what I’m doing that I know this is the music I came here to play. I’m ambitious, but I’m ambitious not so much about accumulation. It’s not the having but the being—the peace and the joy—that lets you know when your ambitions have meaning.




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Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

Dr. Dyer will get sick, and some day die, he is only human after all, but his teaching are eternal, and it is his teaching that are perfect, not him, and it is those teaching that will live on through each of us as we pass them on. Thus, Wayne Dyer will be immortalized through us. Not one of us can escape being human.

Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

When one has dreams, hopes, and desires, we must ambitiously pursue them, but do so from a place of peace. Ambition without the burden of fear of not accomplishing the end result is what I’m after. Thank you Dr. Dyer for all of your teachings. It took me a while, but I think I finally got it.

Lora says:

Ambition ‘to achieve a particular desired end’. If happiness is our true ‘desire’, why do we put so much time, energy and thought in to how to make more money?? And there is no defined ‘end’ to how much $$ it can take to make you happy 😉

Elvira (Panda) says:

Based on the universal Law of Polarity, AMBITION and PASSION may be grades of the same state of being. In this particular case, PASSION is the positive energy that impels us to achieve our goals, while AMBITION is defining the same energy but in a negative sense. Personally, I believe power of AMBITION is more like a Machiavellian attitude.

Mona (Bear) says:

Hey Kristy I think you will get it if you don’t give up. I recommend to study Excuses begone over and over. Take one chapter at the time, practice it live it make it fun even make your own “challenge of the day”. Most of all believe n love yourself. Good luck.

Alma says:

Dear Wayne, please tell me why you got sick. How can perfect chanel of The Divine get imperfect? How can CLL materialize from Love, Peace, Harmony……I AM SOOOOOOO CONFUSED!

kristy says:

I’m not sure exactly what my meaning is – I do good, I give back, I serve, but I wonder if I’m doing the RIGHT things. It is hard to put my focus into meaning, when I struggle to pay my bills & feed my family. I’ve been waiting for support & abundance for 3 years, and trying to be patient in the face of financial ruin. Am I on the wrong path?

Natarsha says:

This is something I’ve known now for some time.its nice to see Dr.Dyer isn’t afraid to speak out.Ambition focuses on doing and living too much in the future.One can only create by living in the now. Ambition can take ones attention away from “the NOW”. BE & FEEL AMBITION as you do FOR ABUNDANCE.GREAT ADVICE WAYNE!

Connie says:

Learn true Peace and Serenity first. Just listen it is truly there.

Connie says:

Years ago I got sick and tired of seemingly constant influx of negativity! Then one early morning I decided to just to listen to the world wake up.Not to think not to decide.It was then that I found a new meaning in my life.I allowed the energies of the world to take over and to teach me what I needed to know.

Donna says:

I feel ambition gives me a feeling of excitement to do new things. I find it to be a good feeling. Without ambition I feel we would have no urge to create. I find this message in your movie “The Shift.” Each person got excited about their new found ambition and learned so much about themselves. Ambition should be peaceful and joyous.Namaste

Mona (Bear) says:

Wouldn’t one call that: that kind of “Ambition” is equal “Passion” a passionate ambitious? :O)