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Seek the Light

Just as a candle spreads light in a darkened room, people who are living in-Spirit give off a higher energy that can bring light to our hearts and minds. In other words, we can be inspired just by being in their presence. How can we find people who are living their lives in-Spirit? One measure that has worked for me is the “joy index.” When we meet others who we think might be living in-Spirit, we can ask the following questions: Do they seem to have a rapturous heart, sending out signals that they love the world and everyone in it? Are they jubilant about the work they do? Do they see the world as a friendly place? Are they at peace with themselves? Do they appear to be kind rather than judgmental? Do they tend to be cheerful? Do they love to play? Are they willing to be students as well as teachers? Do they love nature? Are they in awe of the world? Are they approachable? Do they take great pleasure in serving others? Do they accept all people as equals? Are they open to new ideas? The answers to these questions will help us determine whether another person is potentially an inspiring influence in our lives. We can recognize them by how we feel in their presence. We recognize their high spiritual energy, which longs to be active in our lives. For me, it feels like a warm, soothing shower that’s running deep within me. I know I’m resonating with a higher energy that makes me feel incredibly good!




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Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

I do not have many such people in my life, but as a single candle can light the way in the dark it can also be used to light others candles. Dr. Dyer, I add my flame to yours, and pass along that light to all around me who need it. Together, through the unselfish sharing of our light, we can light the way for the multitudes. Pass it on…

greg says:

I believe deep down, we all want to be something great. We want to surround ourselves with others who shine. Learn from them. It’s in action that we falter, but by living we teach!

Mona (Bear) says:

Just wanted to share how proud I am over my 19 years old daughter in Sweden. Some days ago she shared to me that she is going to challenge all her “stories of the past” which has limited her to be what she want to be. I am so glad for her awareness. She is one of my lights.

Maureen H. Cabrera says:

You are just the EPITOME of living IN-SPIRIT here in this world. Thank you God for the blessing of providing us the means, the channel in YOU being the LIGHT to others and THANK YOU Dr. Dyer.

Namaste and Shalom.

Christoper O'Neill says:

Words cannot describe how thankful i am, so just imagine what you really meant decades ago when you said “thank you” to Bruce at Wayne State…. Thank you for being my “Bruce” in life,

Christoper O'Neill says:

Your words allowed ME to turn around, to have infinite hope, to see a reason, to believe, to not have today’s date to the right of my birth date and to allow me the opportunity to positively affect as many people as you have. (continued below)

Christoper O'Neill says:

The truth is I was in the process of liquidating my assets to give the money to my wife and family. I have fallen on hard times, with drugs and a failing marriage as my only companions. I was in my car 130 minutes ago preparing to never be seen again, then, with the sliver hope I had left, I listened to your CD. (continued below)

Christoper O'Neill says:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN…….PLEASE SEE THAT DR. WAYNE DYER READS THIS… Dr, Dyer, I would like to thank Bruce (the Wayne State faculty member) for breaking the rules of admission decades ago, which is allowing me to thank you today, the 18th day in September of the year 2009. . (continued below)

Ann says:

Wayne, you have helped me and inspired me for many years. My husband and I have been going through a very difficult time due to his unemployment. I am working at visualizing and attracting the things I desire in my life. Is it possible for me to attract a job for him? Or can we only attract for ourselves?

Ramika says:

Dear Wayne, wonderful blog! Your whole website is wonderful.. I’m from Curacao but living in Netherlands. Wayne I saw you’re coming in September to UK? I would like/ we would like you to come to Netherlands too???
Thank you for your exsisting.
Many healing energy, peace and love to you..

Elvira (Panda) says:

Dr. Wayne, I WANT TO BE THE LIGHT for hundreds of people in need of guidance, inspiration, motivitation, like yours. There is only one excuse, and it should begone, and it will begone if you allow me to share with those people all that I have learned from you in their native language, Spanish. May I? Namaste,

Sandra says:

Love, love, love the “joy index.” In fact, I feel like skipping! With love & gratitude,
~ Sandra

Donna says:

I come to a part in my life where I want people who shine through around me, because I am the same way. I have my bad days, but for the most I am a pretty happy soul. I live in the spiritual light, and I love your joy index. Its a good check list to go by.

Joel Nelson says:

My wife is getting her Masters in Holistic Medicine and is focusing on energy healing. When you talk about the “joy index” I think of the energy that is given off by certain individuals that draws me to them. You are a person who gives off such a wonderful energy that I read every book you write and try and listen to you while I drive. Namaste.

Lane Mayhew says:

I agree with your idea of a “joy index.” I would also like to thank you for yesterday’s inspiration affirmation”………refuse to talk about disease; and work to activate thoughts that predict recovery and overall well-being.

Bhagyalakshmi says:

Namaste Dr. Dyer,
Wonderful blog/article ! Thank you so much.
You are a source of strength/support (energy and light)to countless people;
and I’m sure all our prayers are with you……..specially now.
Looking forward to a healing miracle for you.
Do take care.

Meera says:

Dear Wayne Uncle, thank you very much to continue to inspire me. The music within you makes me wanna dance. Love it!

Namaste and Ayubowan

(Saying “Ayubowan” is a way of greeting a person. Wishing “May you live longer and be healthy”. Ayubowan has the same expression as Namaste)

Kristen says:

After reading this post, I made a list of all the people in my life who are in-Spirit really just a small percentage of the people I give my energy to. Afterwards, I copied this post into an email that I sent to each of them to let them know that this is how I see them and how much I appreciate their presence in my life. Thank you.

Kat says:

Hi Wayne, lovely entry. Is there any advice you can offer to a mother of a toddler being bombarded by noise from not one but three neighbours? I feel a bit like I’m being attacked by noise on all sides and it’s making me incredibly anxious. I am trying to find a peaceful, positive way through this but need some ideas.

Janey Muccio says:

Dear Wayne, lots of light and love and blessings to you! Thank you for Be-ing my own shining light in my life thus far…you are truly an expression of Source Being.
Love, light, & laughter