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Who Calls You to a Higher Life?

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the great men and women who have inspired me with their work and their lives. In their presence I felt the radiant energy that living in-Spirit brings. In 1978, I was invited to go to Vienna to participate in a presentation to a group of young presidents of companies. I was assigned to be on a panel with a man who had been a huge source of inspiration to me: Viktor Frankl. Frankl was a medical doctor who had been herded off to die in a Nazi concentration camp in WW II; while imprisoned, he kept notes that ultimately became a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. This work, which touched me deeply, illustrated not only how Dr. Frankl survived the horrors of Auschwitz, but also how he helped other camp mates do the same. He taught them to be with his spirit and infuse it in others who were giving up on life. He even practiced sending love and peace to his captors, and refused to feel hatred and vengeance because he knew that this was foreign to his spirit, which he wouldn’t forsake. Viktor Frankl stayed true to his spiritual origins in the face of horrors that destroyed so many. When I met him, he exuded joy, peace, kindness, and love, and he wasn’t bitter. Instead, he felt that his experience taught him lessons he’d never have known otherwise. I spent a good part of that afternoon in Vienna listening and being in awe. Viktor Frankl had been one of the truly inspirational figures in my life, and being on the same panel—under the pretext of being a colleague of this master teacher—was overwhelming to me. It was an afternoon I’ve never forgotten, full of pure exhilaration and inspiration.




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Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

Our meeting was brief, but came as no surpise to me, I used your teaching to manifest the brief encounter with you and your daughter. I had a piece of writing I wrote, but realized it was not met for me, it belonged to you. I didn’t give it to you, instead I left you with a prayer for your mother, you needed that more. How is she?

Terry Elkins (whyguy) says:

October 2nd I went to your Chicago seminar, and the next morning outside of the hotel my wife and I met a man and Angelic woman who exuded inner peace. It was you and your daughter. I was in awe of the kindness you and your daughter showed to us as you introduced yourselves. Both of you, ordinary folks, with an extra-ordinary radiance.

Lora says:

My mom was physically abused as a child. She stayed positive and wouldn’t say a single bad thing about anyone. She was told by a counselor that her being nice protected her from conflict. She “acted” happy and nice but because it wasn’t “real”, it was like living a lie. Part of life is dealing with the pain then letting go.

Emma says:

I think the nurses on the new show Mercy inspire me to be a better person.

Check out this awesome new NBC drama starring Taylor Schilling and written by Liz Heldens. So intriguing and addicting! Tune in!

Sandi says:

Thank you. I had read Real Magic and tried the principles regarding relationships. I didn’t tell my man, I just changed the way I looked at him and us. Things were good before, but we became so much closer overnight! That’s just 1 of the ways you have helped me, you are a gift.

Sonja says:

You have changed my life in so many ways and continue to. I’ve learned to be thankful through all times in my life…wether happy or difficult because often the difficult is just glorious in costume. Someone told me they once met you and described you as walking Grace. Looking forward to seeing you in NYC.

Greg says:

There is a book, called the Prophet, which was given to me by a good friend. In the book there is a line, where the Prohpet is speaking to a crowed upon his departure from them, letting them drink from his cup. He said, “Say, I have not found THE path, but A path for which my soul to walk!”

Richard says:

I have come to realize how small my problems are in light of others who are worse off. How can I ever thank you Dr. Dyer…I no longer take pills to sleep or worry about what is going to happen next in my life. Living in the NOW turned on the lightbulb in my head……………

David says:

I first heard of the book Man’s Search for Meaning when Dr. Dyer mentioned it during the PBS special on The Power of Intention. I ran out and bought the book and couldn’t put it down after I started reading it. After reading the book I could see where Dr. Dyer cherishes the afternoon where he sat on the same panel as Viktor Frankl.

Daniel says:

Dr. Dyer your wisdom and teachings have touched me deeply and someday I hope to be able to, no, I know that someday I will meet you in person!

Julia says:

Dr. Dyer you thought and words have guided in healing me from two mental illnesses. I would love to recieve more guidance, but not sure where to turn. After an extremely frightening year, I am ready to heal! Please write me if you can!

Tonysha says:

Thank you Wayne Dyer for all of your inspirational teachings! It has totally changed my life and I would love to meet you because you are a positive teacher in my life!

creobox says:

Thank you for that.

Shelia Johnson says:

Dr. Wayne Dyer, you are like a bright light on a hill which casts light into many dark places. I am so thankful to you Dr. Dyer for sharing your experiences, knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm. What a difference you have made in my life–a difference I will share.

Elvira (Panda) says:

I do believe in Divine Order. I do believe than sooner -not later-, we will be in contact in the physical plane to start a project of tremendous impact among the latinos living in USA. I believe that we’re already connected in the nonbeing dimension. I feel it… I perceive it. I do. This is a prayer, and I’m expecting the answer to it. Namaste.

Mary Rene says:

I’ve listened to the CD of Excuses Begone twice now. I get something new out of it everytime. My situation at work has changed so dramatically since my thought has changed. My boss called me “precious!”.Thank you for passing on your knowledge.

Mona says:

I’ll look him up, thanks for sharing. Some years ago I worked as an assistant to a man that was half paralyzed by stroke when he was only in his 30s now over50, he is the most amazing man Ive met. I learned so much from him and even with an ocean between us, hes still inspiring nd in my thoughts often. I’m fortunate to have him as friend.

Donna says:

To be able to love through such a horrific time, to me, is one of the most highest wisdoms you could ever have. Viktor Frankl reminds me so much of Immaculee Ilibagiza, the love she was able to radiate to others with her faith. I can see how you would feel so honored to be a colleague. Pure light to be able to influence in such times. Namaste

Rene says:

Wow, I love how this puts the “cadillac” problems in perspective.


Lisa says:

Once we are open, sources of inspiration are all around us.

Tara says:

What a blessing to be able to meet those who inspire you from afar! I meet people regularly that inspire me to be better and truer to myself on a regular basis!