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Wake-Up Call from Heaven

In my movie The Shift, I talk with the film crew about “quantum moments” and the changes that people undergo after having one of these awakenings of spirit. Thousands of people have reported experiencing these moments and describe the following shift which occurred in their awareness of life. They talk about having made the move from an ego-driven life perspective to a spiritually balanced one and feel that they have become more authentic beings.

Two research psychologists from the University of New Mexico, Dr. William Miller and Dr. Janet C’de Baca were intrigued by such stories of sudden and unexpected personal transformation. For their book, Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives, Miller and C’de Baca collected stories of people who reported having “quantum moments” and studied the experience of “quantum change” through the lens of scientific psychology. They describe quantum change as “a vivid, surprising, benevolent, and enduring personal transformation.” These quantum moments that turn life upside down are characterized by these four qualities; that is, they are vivid, surprising, benevolent, and enduring. They are intense enough for us to notice every detail and to remember them forever. They are surprising—unexpected, uninvited, and unforeseen. Quantum moments are benevolent, in other words, they come with feelings of peace, serenity, and bliss. The fourth quality of a quantum moment is that it never goes away. That moment is burned into our consciousness in a vivid picture that won’t be forgotten. I’ve heard it described as being like a warm shower running inside of you whose gracious imprint endures into infinity.

My earliest books focus almost entirely on psychological tools to help readers employ effective commonsense approaches to problems. There are no references to God or a higher self in the first 15 or so years of my publishing history. Today, my values and my writing reflect the shift that took place later in my life and writing career. Before encountering my quantum moments, my life was shaped much more extensively by my ego. It’s easy to see why a quantum moment would be seen as turning life upside down. It’s a complete shift away from the pleadings of the ego and back home to desiring a God-realized life of peace, family, love, and personal honesty. I commend William R. Miller and Janet C’de Baca for their groundbreaking research, and I highly recommend that you check out their book. I guarantee that you will find it as fascinating as I do.

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Ashley Mui says:

Divine interventions! Give thanks. Always.

Diane says:

I went to sleep last night listening to “The Shift.” I woke up this morning knowing that I am the dream, and the Dreamer; a mind within Mind. Mind is experiencing Itself. OMG!

Orisi says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer. We are not alone. We are part of a masterpiece drawn by the Master himself on a canvas called life. It’s good to be awakened and realise our purpose and our calling.

– Orisi

Matt says:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 Now that is a wake-up call.

Nancy says:

I call it getting struck by lightening…..these moments happen in various ways for each but the question is do we take these moments as AHA moments or do we blow them off and say it was just a moment?

Robert says:

Dr. Dyer, The transformation of your writing has been a wonderful thing to behold, experience, contemplate and learn from. I cherish all phases of your writing history simply for what they are. Thank you for sharing your passion, imagination and soul.

Peace, Bobby

Vivi says:

I wondered if it was a kind of lighting, but really I don’t know.
Ok, let’s say that I finally got it, and now?? What can I do with this truth? Maybe I already know but I don’t remember? What can I do to make this understanding becomes a reality? I am a normal person, like so many others and I feel like I’m crazy. Help!

Vivi says:

The next day and today I still feel strange and incredulous at what happened to me, nothing had changed but everything had changed. I tried to write down all these answers to clarify to myself what happened.
But I found myself writing nothing new.I wrote the same things I always read and heard. The only difference is that now, I really understand

Vivi says:

I signed up today just to say this:Two night ago I could not sleep. I had too many thoughts in my mind, the big questions of humanity. But this time, along with the questions, also the answers came in my mind. Truly a strange feeling that I can not explain. I just felt that I finally understood everything, and I cried and I laughed at the same time

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

thankyou for teaching me to meditate thankyou for teaching me about the ego thankyou for teaching me about my thoughts ands thankyou for helping me get in touch with God. I give God the glory but I want to thankyou dear sir for having sucha kind voice to point me towards God and my dreams.

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

I realy need to talk with you wayne. I have a calling and I need your help. God Is coming through you to me verey verey strongly. I need to get to maui. I need to tell you my story. most of all I need to help others change. I dont have the space here to say it all. You know what it is I ask. help me become a better teacher

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

The dog (Gonzo) looked at me as if to say I know that you know that I know every thing is ok. There was such a power full presence of peace and love and overwelming joy. gonzo went back when I became one with the presence. I will never forget the presence in the room with him. I felt a form of withdrawl when this presence left, sadness.

Christopher Wayne Richards says:

I had a dream that felt so real. a light opened up in the ceiling and the toys and things in my room begain to float up and spiral around the light. the dog then droped down from the light and was glowing himself. the room the dog and the light glowed with love and infinite peace.

Christopher Wayne says:

I was saved from drowning at the beach by my fathers dog when I was 5. The dog died later that year. He came back. The day I learned of his death was the day I learned that dying meant GONE. I learned that night that dying DID NOT mean gone.

Joshua says:

or, I mean from a shift (preceded by a quantum moment)?

Joshua says:

Does one ever lapse back, or regress, from a quantum moment? Thanks!

Joseph Wadas says:

A quantum moment can be a blessing and an invitation to a fuller, richer life. They can lead us closer to our Dharma and closer to our Source. Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for the reminder and for all you do. Namaste!

Kevin says:

I would imagine that many of us who read your blogs are participating in synchronisity (synchrodestiny) with you and each other. This book looks quite interesting on a popular book website – might have to go get it. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

catherine says:

thank you, Dr. Dyer! xoxo catherine

ingrid says:

When I was 20 and a half years old, a change occured to me, and as I read this blog, I finally can put more words on what really happened. Thank You, Wayne Dyer.
And 20, I find it a bit too early for that kind of big transformation? But nevertheless it happened… 😉

Thank you, again.

Jamie says:

Yes, yes, yes <3

Rhona says:

I can totally agree with all you have said here. Over the last couple of months, I have been experiences these quantum moments. This week especially, each day brings a huge shift in consciousness .Each day I am leaving the day in god’s hands. Wonderful, wish I had this mindset years ago. I enjoy reading your blogs. Rhona 🙂

Aline says:

I love you Wayne! Thank you!!! x

Mucunda says:


Dennis says:

A quantum moment is when truth’s rays seep through the cracking barrier you built against them.

parvin says:

If you have a deep and versatile concept of a momentum, just a momentum of your ordinary life, you will figure out the concept of the whole universe. You can do it, because you have the potential of doing anything that you can imagine. You gather and concentrate all your power and focus on what you desire.