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We Are What We Came From

In the movie version of The Shift, I have a brief discussion with several of the characters about the following key concept: Everything in the material world must be like what it came from, including each and every one of us. In the film I refer to a slice of apple pie on a plate, asking, “What is that one piece of pie like?” The obvious answer is that it’s like apple pie because it must be like what it came from. This is a familiar concept if we think of blood being drawn for a diagnostic test. A small syringe of blood provides medical practitioners with information about the entire supply of the person it was drawn from. Why? Because the sample must be like what it came from.

I extend this logic to myself and you as well. Since I didn’t come from my parents, it isn’t a logical conclusion to state that I must be like they are. Since I didn’t come from my culture, my religion, or anything in this world, it isn’t necessarily so that I must be the same as my surroundings or my society. But since I did come from an invisible energy Source that some call God, or Tao, or Divine mind, then I must be like what I came from. My conclusion about my origination is that I came from Spirit, and my true essence is that I am what I came from. I am a Divine piece of God. I am first and always a spiritual being inextricably connected to my Source of being.

Understanding the answer to Where did I come from? involves, more than anything else, attempting to live from a perspective that’s in rapport with our original nature. We must become more like the spiritual nature of our origin. By recognizing the expression of Divine consciousness that is our physical being, we in turn make the choice of how to express that Divine spirit.

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Gary says:

I’m just finishing reading You’ll See It When You Believe It, and unlike most of the books I read, its really slow going. I’m figuring that this is the way its meant to be 🙂


Anicca says:

Re life and death. One day my friend told me she had been to a funeral in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon. I told her she had been to two weddings, one a union of two people, the other a union with the Source, God, etc. When in meditation we connect with the Source, and we also connect with the ones we ‘miss’.

Maria, Kassy, Tawny says:

Remembering we are all born with a great potential inside of us, opening ourselves up to accept it. Living for we feel about ourselves rather than defining ourselves by external stimuli and making good choices is about how they make us feel.

Holly & Alicia says:

To understand the true nature of where we come from, we must look beyond the physical manifestations of ourselves. The spirit that Dyer says hes from is specific to his perception of what the true nature is.

Student says:

I believe we are made up of our surroundings and not from a divine being. If we came from a spirit, what is the spirit? Define what is meant by a god. Is this divine being everything we are not? I think the divine spirit lies within us all.

Jodie and Tom

Johnny and Dan says:

our discussion on the topic led us to the conclusion that we disagree with the article, from our point of view we were created by people, you are how you were raised until you form your own personality. it could be true that you are “preprogrammed” to be a certain way, but as people you are able to adapt to your surroundings in different situations

Herve says:

The Divine Spirit is also eternally grateful for these choices made in its recognition as it grows its self in its own recognition through these very choices. Is it not a wonderous beingness in forever coming to and from our place of origin in every vibratory cycle. Love to all. Namaste

David says:

Wayne, I saw you on QVC recently. I must say I was very disappointed. David Turk

Bert Dudley says:

I would be very interested in knowing your thoughts about TIME. It seems to me thaty it has to be some kind of illusion. How say you?

Bert Dudley says:

I suppose it might sound corny, but thanks for being, Dr. Dyer. Like you, I keep experiencing new wonders from very old truths. You are a gift to all of us who seek pure meaning. My selfishly hope you will stick around for another 70 or so years.

Sue Poletti says:

Wayne, one of my greatest desires is to sit and have a conversation with you. I realize that I am one of many, many fans who would so appreciate the opportunity to spend time with you. But, I am putting my intentions out there anyway…

Ray Davis, The Affirmation Spot says:


Beautifully put. We can never be reminded enough of our ever-present connection to source. Strange how we walk around for much our lives forgetting who we truly are. When we have those moments of remembrance, as sparked by your article, we come back to our lives with renewed vision, purpose, and mission.


Arthur Sergi, Lyndhurst NJ says:

A baby has no ego and apart from crying for what it requires it will coo and smile. The baby does not know it iis of this world and nothing of this world is a part of the baby. It owns nothing, wants nothing, requires nothing (except the basic necessities), and goes about its’ business with only love to give. The baby is in spirit!

Carmen says:

Thank you for reminding me to express my divine meaning
I appreciate you and sending you love and joy

april angel says:

Everyday experiences seem to take us further away from this fact and it is very important to just take a few minutes, before starting your day, to just remember this and it will show in everything we do. It is such an important thing to remember!

Frank Hodnik, Homer, Alaska says:

I have split from my ego more than once but always was returned to my former master. There’s an explenation for why a poisons like nicotine and ego can cause such a longing when it come up missing in our lives. The ego seeks not of right or wrong only what was. It can be proved with calculus. ~

onemarbleleft says:

Here’s what we are not: Ego.
Anything that says me/mine is ego. The ego’s job is to protect the physical body. Period.
If you’re addicted, overweight, angry or any perceived negative thing, it can be traced back to ego.
When living at this level, it’s difficult to understand anything beyond it.
But know this: where ego ends, life begins.

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

If God were standing before you, how would you treat him/her? God IS standing before you. Every human being you encounter is a Divine Piece of God. Treat them as such. Imagine how this profound yet simple shift can change the world. Blessings.

Jaz says:

Also thank you for all your tutelage and sparking in me the shift to source awareness. I now feel aligned studing, writing, and intensely contemplating all aspects of spirituality and the great minds behind it. Keep lighting the path! Thanks Wayne hope to hear form you soon.

Jaz says:

The blissful states one can experience at higher levels of consciousness seem to be a pragmatic science everyone of us can achieve. But many, as Hawkins stated, merely experience this as a program rather than a conscious state. How would you inform those to reach a level of experience, rather than a program?

Donna says:

It is being made aware in me more every day that as I “tune in” to God’s energy I am more and more concious of my divine origins. I began intending to shift my life, then I became aware of your last several books! Your words resonate deeply within me. Thank you for all that you are and for helping others to see who they are.

Karin says:

God is formless and is everywhere. God is in you and me.

Mucunda says:

I wanted to say GOD .

Mucunda says:

That is the point , the only hard work is to assimilate , that our WRONG CONCEPTS OF EDUCATION , take us out off the road , I am 56, And I have been doing an strong work on me, to TRY to be that way.
I read this or see in a movie. GOOD GIVE US A FAMILY BUT WE CAN choose OUR FRIENDS .
Feliz dia

Edith says:

Dear Wayne, I saw the Shift last year at the I Can Do It in Toronto, and going again this year. I love how it brings one back to your authentic self. Just reading the blog, brings me back. I will affirm: I am a Divine piece of God. Thank you.

Denise Alen, Author says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer. We just studied this lesson yesterday at church. It seems such a simple lesson to grasp until we discover that, one more time, we are living beneath our divine privilege. Thank you for continuing to re-orient us to Spirit with your blog entries.


Misdirected Ego is destroying the human race. Upon conception we did not have an ego. The ego is necessay up to a degree to help us make decisions. Not to condtion us away from God. Before going to sleep ask youself, did I serve someone today? If yes. You had a productive day.

Nealon Hightower says:

A very nice and understandable way of putting it. We are a piece of what we came from…perfection. I used this principle to release over 100lbs. Awesome! Life is such a gift.
Thank you.

Chantal Beaupre, Quebec (Canada) says:

You’ve explained this profound wisdom so many times… and still, reading your post, I think I just got it! “Repetition is the first law of learning”, or so Bob Proctor says. Thank you for having repeated the lesson over and over again. Namaste.

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

We are more than we can see in the mirror. If we’ve came from spirit, what is spirit? St. John says God is love, it’s not to big a leap to realize we’re love, having come from God. But, what is love? I Cor. 13 is a good place to find answers to that question and discoverd the greatest gift.