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Wishes Fulfilled

In the fall of 2011, I had the great privilege of filming my ninth fundraising special for PBS. The show will arrive this month on your local public television station is available to stream online, and I hope you’ll join me for an in-depth look at “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting.” Not only will you see me wearing those new shoes I mentioned here in December, but you’ll meet Anita Moorjani, the incredible young woman whose story of her near-death experience will turn your world around.

Anita’s story, beautifully told in her new book Dying to Be Me, has taught me what death really means, and just how much lies beyond our sensory reality. I’ve been sharing Anita’s story with just about everyone who’ll listen since I first discovered it. One person I was most eager to share it with is my 95-year-old mother.  And it’s been a wonderful source of comfort to a lady who has breakfast every morning with friends who might not still be around by dinner time. As Jesus said, “Be at peace.” We can trust that we come from God. Our reality is divine.

The Secret to Manifesting: Your Wishes Fulfilled

This ability to feel and to trust in our divine connection is exactly the key to manifesting, your “wishes fulfilled.” We can develop this ability to trust despite the absence of physical evidence as perceived by our senses. No matter the circumstances or obstacles, draft your dream and the way can be cleared. Trust your divine connection, know that your soul has no limits and the universe responds and works with you to manifest that idea into a physical reality. It has always worked that way for me.

Even as a child, and certainly against all odds given my background, I imagined myself speaking to large crowds. As a college student sitting in classrooms, I visualized myself working to transform lives, being uplifting and empowering to audiences around the world. All that time, I had nothing but a dream to work with—in foster homes, in the U.S. Navy, and in college. Feel the connection, focus on what you have to give, have faith in your dreams, and you will overcome all doubt and make your wishes reality.

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Monique says:

Dr. Dyer I want to thank you so much for “Wishes Fulfilled” I saw the PBS program in Feb and loved it. Just last month I saw the program again and knew I had to have the book. My therapist wanted to take me out to dinner but I wanted your book. I got your book, and a cheeseburger. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new way of thinking!

tom says:

I have read many of your wonderful books that gave me the “frequency” that became a beacon of joy and clarity as I now inhale “Wishes Fulfilled”…It is literally changing my life.
I am grateful for you and the authentic life that is now that which is my…I am.

Gerald says:

Last night, before I lay myself to sleep, I cleared my mind – imagining and feeling the sense of happiness I associated with my life’s best. Tonight at birthday celebration, two photos of me with family members revealed large “ORBS” emanating from my body. Visual photographuc proof of synchronicity perhaps; still amazing and mind-boggling.

Paula says:

I Adore You!.. Thank You, with Love.

Jim says:

I watched your PBS special the other night at 1:00 AM. Thank you, for reaffirming what I’ve thought and felt my entire life, at a time when self-doubt , ego, anger, and confusion were threatening to consume me. I’d written a much longer comment b4 i saw the 350 letter limit, lol. So much energy, and now all of it is positive. Thanks again!

Tamara says:

While reading Wishes Fulfilled, Wayne wrote that whatever you are placing in your imagination and feeling, will start to appear everywhere, for instance, in movies. I wasn’t familiar with the movie, The Ripple Effect, but decided to put it in. Imagine my shock, the movies spiritual nature and even ended with the words “I am that I am”.

Debra says:

“I AM Wishes Fulled C.D. and Book are changing my life!! One quick question tho, how do we command and insist that our I AM Presence fulfill our “hearts desire” and “see” them already fulfilled at the same time? I know I can manifest my wishes with your help!! Thank You!!

sabrina says:

as a child i had a dream i thought came from God. Since that time I have hated myself and lived in fear of who I was a lair. A worthless lair created for hell. Now at 52 I am a failure and wish I had not been born so that I wouldnt have caused all the pain to those in my life. . Where do i look for the answer when i think it is God who rejected me?

Elva says:

“Where there’s a will there’s a Way.” Before traveling fulltime,friends& family couldn’t understand how we could give up our possessions& live in a small RV,but we are happy&healthy,don’t worry about property taxes,car or house payments,credit cards;we only worry about ourselves&where our next destination will be.”It’s great to be alive.”

Patty says:

You are such an inspiration. You made me realize that we are all unique and we all have something special to offer this world!!!

Vicki says:

I pre-ordered this book as a birthday present to myself and have already read it once. AND without realizing it, I’ve been sharing your words and helping others. You “saved me” back in 1996 and have helped inspire me to finish my book. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!!! Blessings…Vickie (aka Angel Feather’s Journey)

Angie says:

Nothing is happening in my life right now so it seems to me. I have become discouraged and have looked at my dream as if it has already passed me by. I have felt much resistance lately and really need to let this all go and start believing in myself again.Thank you Wayne for all that you do.

Steven Marcus says:

Wayne! You are a trip!! I’m so glad I ran into you on pbs,i can identify with most of your teachings,simply because your delivery makes it easy to get!.20 years ago i would’nt of had a clue man! thank you so much brother and keep it comming! You will change alot of lives my friend! Love Ya man! Steve Marcus

ann says:

Dr. Wayne Dyer is illuminating!
I was so delighted by his love to name the limiting preconceptions of God/Love
Ilchi Lee also wants this reality to be actualized for all earth humans, which I read in “The Call of Sedona”
I know Dr. Wayne Dyer and Ilchi Lee will become vision partners in the near future!

Linda says:

Your teachings have changed my life. I have an amazing story and wish to share it with those still searching. Please visit my new website. I hope to help others realize that we are the creators of our own reality and have the power to change our lives regardless of the circumstances. Thanks for all you have taught me.


Watched it several times thus far. I Love Love Love Love!!!!! You Dr. Dyer. Namaste’ ~VALERIE~

kim says:

I AM THE LIVING POWER OF GOD. It gives me a wonderful feeling when I say this throughout the day.

Roxie says:

Dearest Wayne
” I AM with you all the way”. We have both arrived at the same “place of understanding” via different means and circumstances. I totally understand absolutely everything that you are and that you teach …and more. You are truly a blessing to humanity.
Love Only and Always. Roxie.

Lynne says:

I am still reading through Anita’s book and got as far as Part III — It’s fabulous! And I am still reading through your book, Wishes Fulfilled, in the process of underlining and taking notes and then processing it into my brain to practice it. I absolutely love all of this! Thank you for everything.

Michele says:

Amazing gift you have given all of us. Watch the PBS program and like all other publications and broadcasts you have done It was excellent. I always get right into what you say, then let it all slide, and there you are again to bring me back to practicing the message you have brought to us. Thank you!

Vegard Sælevik, Norway says:

Thank you Wayne, for your sharing. It means everything to me.

Angela says:

Here’s an Enormous Hug for You! Thank you for Being the messenger all these years, inspiring so many of us to remember our true Selves. Your courageous mission has assisted in changing my life and my husband’s life.
Thank you!

lynette says:

I was listening to your “Change your thoughts” cd & my 12 year old son was playing on his laptop, fully immsersed. He would “hmmm”, but not look up. I was very excited when he said “I really like this guy, he has interesting things to say!”. Thank you for touching, teaching and leading so many people, including my son!

Patricia says:

Dr. Dyer,
I watch the Antiques When your program came on I watched it The Lord was behind my watching it. .You truly are a blessing. I want the gift you are providing, so I e-mailed the Network and asked if I could donate the $275 and pay monthly for the big banana. They said Yes. I received my pledge form, it will go with tomorrow’s mail.

Kim says:

Go to balboapress.com, which is a division of Hay House. They will be able to help you to publish your book.

Cynthia says:

An experience with my father’s death that helped me know God. We had a special prayer in common. Over the loudspeaker came these words just before his death..”Good morning. Let us pray;” the same prayer I had spoken over the last ten days while he was in a coma. When dad died, I was crying and laughing because I knew we were “well.”

Sandra Underwood says:

Extraordinary things have happened to me since our beloved son died. Kundalini and ….orbs. Just opened your Wishes book & found….orbs. My website (my name dot com) shows my orbs. Klaus Heinemann is a friend. My YouTube: Orbs, Lightwaves, and Cosmic Consciousness. Thank you!

Daniel says:

Dear Dr. Dyer:
I have been working on a book about my life beginning in my childhood in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula born into an alcoholic dysfunctional family to now. My hope is that my story would be of help to at least one other person who is struggling with addiction. I would be most grateful if you could offer advice on how to get published?

nancy says:

You were right all along, you are a “scurvy elephant!” , and don’t ever change.

linda says:

I would like to order a copy of the wishes fulfilled DVD, but the orders through PBS take 4 to 6 weeks. Can orders been accessed through internet download or a time frame less than that offered through PBS

Robert Rees says:

Dr.wayne, I almost loss my job again and with it my Wife who decided she could no longer stand beside me.
I am 58 and it is very hard to regain employment at that age.That night I saw your PBS show and prayed for a blessing. The next day I was offered work share and took it. Thank you Doc, and blessings to God.

Juan says:

Another great book, Dr. Waye Dyer! I’m looking forward to this Saturday’s PBS airing of “Wihes Fulfilled!” Thanks again.

steven says:

Your Wishes Fulfilled PBS presentation inspired me in so many deep ways. The I AM THAT I AM has been inspiring me to share my I AM expreiences and my NDE journey. Thank Dr. Dyer for the part of God you are.

Michael says:

Dr. Dyer,

Over the past two evenings, I’ve experienced an epithany by watching your PBS program. Experienced eight hours of sleep last night after I AM exercise before falling asleep. Thank you!

ana says:

Thank you,thank you,for your love,because you bring the love from God,to everyone,I am from Colombia,and I feel truly blessing to be here in U.S reading your books,and your blogs.God bless you,Dr.Wayne.

shelly says:

Amazing! I saw the program. My father is in the 3rd stage of altziehmers and the stress from that was overtaking me. I practiced the techniques especially 5 min before sleep. i was thrilled that it actually worked. I cant tell you how happy i am that i was able to overcome my fears. My nightmares have vanished. Thank you I AM a new person 🙂

Kay says:

Since I first read Your Erroneous Zones, you have been my main spiritual inspiration. I wish I could briefly explain how much every one of your books has changed my thoughts and therefore, my life.I am thrilled to hear of your miraculous healing! Continue to inspire us all with your wisdom, your writing and teaching in perfect health!

Anne-Marie-Gabby says:

There is only one God.One Almighty God.And he has a name,.Everything and everyone has a name.His name is Jehovah,King of all Knigs Read Book of daniels(about nebakanezza).Read the book of John.Jesus states very clearly he has a father who sent him forth.He has a father who gave him his words.Jesus is the son.You should know that by now my friend.

Linda says:

I want to thank you for your words of inspiration and hope. I’ve encountered challenging times medically but with your help have kept a positive attitude and trust that “everything is as it should be”. May you be blessed as you have blessed others. Love and energy to you.

Carol-Anne says:

Thank you for your gentle reminders that arrive in perfect time…

Phyllis Tszshan says:

Looking forward to the changes in our lives as we go through the 2nd unemployment in 4 years.

Debra says:

Thank you for revigorating my soul and spirit, and for helping me not slip off the road to my destiny of educating our children. Just when I needed it, your words of clarity and purposefulness found me and lead me toward that other street. I AM again back on track!

francis says:

Hi I was watching your special for PBS and you mentioned about this John of God in Brazil. I just had a baby and had difficulties at birth she has now brain damaged. We are desperate doctors don’t give us too much hope Would you recommend us to go see John?. We would really aprecciate that you reply to us. Thanks

Gurvinder says:

Helllo Wayne i wanted to talk to you personally and wanted to share things i know your a busy persons and might not have time for me but i would love to talk to you one day i am 18 years old and on my way to healing but sometime things get soo hard

Ted says:

Hello Wayne, I send you love. Thank you for the amazing broadcast on PBS. Your words really struck a chord with me. Namaste.

Gian Paolo Pizzuco says:

Dear Wayne, words cannot express how much my life and the lives of those around me have changed because of the Powerful Influence your work has had on my life.I am looking forward to seeing your PBS Special and Reading Wishes Fulfilled….

Larry says:

Thank you for the incouragement in such trying times, to know this Divine connection is real and can be experience by all fills me with GREAT HOPE for coming days.

Klara Darling-Swann says:

I would love to know how to kindle and develop a knowledge and trust in our divine connection? I am on a mission to Choose My Thoughts, to Guide myself into love and beauty and enjoy my life, but my one biggest challenge right now is remembering to trust the divine
Thank you for your writing, it helps

Heidi says:

Hearing the news of your returned wellness reminded me of an amazing “healing” story from Norman Cousins which is documented in his book Anatomy of an Illness. He remained positive throughout, believed in his faith and used laughter as a healing tool. I admire and am inspired by your teachings. Thank you for sharing your life journey.

Jessica says:

I watched your show in PBS. It was FANTASTIC!! Great job!! Starting with your presentation, continuing with the interview to Anita (what a natural and inspiring woman!) and finishing with the San Diego Children’s Choir, singing “Amazing Grace!, just couldn’t get any better. Thank you very much for all you do, Dr. Wayne Dyer!! Namaste

Jessica says:

I’m 35 yrs old am pregnant with my 3rd child & was just diagnosed with breast cancer.I decided against conventional treatment & am working on healing myself. I am watching PBS now & I want you to know how badly I needed to hear your story and message. Thank you for being there for me & reminding me of my power & giving me the encouragement I need.

kim says:

I am looking forward to watching your PBS show this coming week. A wish that I am focusing on is spiritual wealth: to be more loving, more humble, more giving……… and to be in tune with my inner divine self. I enjoy your blogs Wayne.

Penny says:

I’m so grateful for my own experiences and the teachers I can learn from! Life amazes me! 😀

Joseph Wadas says:

If we could always remember our connection to our Source, we would never have reason to fear or worry. Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for reminding us of this. I am looking forward to seeing you again next month in Atlanta. Namaste!


Thank you Doctor. What I love about this article is how you said that all you had was a dream. This came at the perfect time. It’s amazing how God communicates.

Thank you.

I love you.

firoozeh says:

i was impationatly wondering a new word to complete my missed feel last month your fascinating suggestion inspire me ,thank dr ,god bless you

Linda Hines-Slattery says:

We are all beams of light, timelessly dancing through the universe……….Love you Wayne, was in Escondido, and just attended Maui =) Linda

Bernadette says:

Your teachings have been a part of my life since I read The Power of Intention many years ago and I have undergone significant transformations since connecting to my divine source. Thank you for being an instrument of God and I look forward to seeing you in person in Vancouver. God Bless.
With faith and grace,

Kevin says:

Dear Wayne,

Your writing & now blog messages continue to bless me; whether I happen to be on the mountain tops or trailblazing through contrast and sorting out clarity. It’s your methodical, sharing of experiences could only come from your heart that allow me over the years to look at the Divine & see what becomes my truth(s).

Dennis says:

In Summer of 1982 a psychic reader told us to look for a house with a mountain view. There were no mountains where we lived, but events took us away in a few months and we found the house. We were driving and a hard rain suddenly stopped. Very expensive, but also not for sale. I visualized per Neville, nightly. By April of 1983 we owned the house.

cindy says:

Dreaming and visualizing are the greatest inspiration you’ve given me. Thank you.