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Be Here Now

The willingness and ability to live fully in the now eludes many people. While eating your appetizer, don’t be concerned with dessert. While reading a book, notice where your thoughts are. While on vacation, be there instead of thinking about what should have been done and what has to be done when returning home. Don’t let the elusive present moment get used up by thoughts that aren’t in the here and now.

There’s an irony to this habit of letting your mind drift to other times and other places. You can only drift off in the now, because now is all you ever get. So drifting off is a way of using up your present moments. You do indeed have a past, but not now! And, yes, you have a future, but not now! You can consume your now with thoughts of “then” and “maybe,” but that will keep you from the inner peace you could experience.

Do God’s other creatures waste the present in thoughts of the past and future? A beaver only does beaver, and he does it right in the moment. He doesn’t spend his days wishing he were a young beaver again, or ruminating over the fact that his beaver siblings receive more attention, or his father beaver ran off with a younger beaver when he was growing up. He’s always in the now. Here are lessons for us about enjoying the present moment rather than using it up consumed with guilt over the past or worry about the future.

To practice living in the moment, stop and take notice of all that’s in your immediate space—the people, animals, plants, the sky, buildings, everything. Stay in the present by meditating and getting closer to the ultimate now…God. The truth is that you can only come to know God when you give up the past and the future in your mind and merge totally into the now, because God is always here now.

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Violet Ellizabeth says:

Hi Guys,
I have been living for the moment for the past few months, and have practised daily Dr Wayne Dyers, Ah meditation. This has inspired me to start a blog of my experiences and observations as a waitress. I have so much to share,
See you there!

kalyan says:

One of the most Beautiful and meaningful Live the moment article I have ever read .Thank you

Lynda says:

Great affirmation! I am shopkeeper of a wonderful little country store in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My customers have come to love the quotes I sprinkle around, especially the one on my antique chalkboard that says, “Be Where You Are” A coincidence? I don’t think so:) Thank you for your inspiring and positive words! Lynda

Sam says:

Isn’t this one of the biggest problems with most religions. They preach to live your life so that you are in the “right place” in your next life. Now that is what I call living in the future.

Judith says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for such inpirational and profound words, may you be blessed.

Kam says:

I am new to your site and its what i need. Thank you for the reminder that we must live in the present at that moment and let go of the past. Thank you Dr Dyer.

Parag says:

Thanks for the insight to see the God all times in Present form by keeping our thoughts in Present by meditating, thank you very much for this simple idea.


Thank God I was guided to your Video The Power of Intention, it was divinely inspiring for me and has changed my thought processes for ever. I believe heaven is here we just need to open our hearts and minds. The first thing I say when I wake up every day is ‘What a beautiful day in a beautiful world in a beautiful life’ and that really helps.

Anita says:

Dr. Dyer, I just wanted to let you know how much you’ve impacted my life, in just the right moment! I am so thankful that you’ve allowed yourself to be taught and inspired by so many enlightened souls, and can bring that information to us less enlightened people in a way that we can understand it and apply it.
Thank you so much.

Daniel says:

Thanks. Reading that grounds my thoughts in the moment. And thank you Dr. Dyer for your abundant wisdom.. your teachings and your reccomendation of David Hawkins has truly transformed my life.

anna says:

WOW Dr. Dyer, did I need this one! I am getting ready for a huge surgery on 9 June and I live it out everyday with fear and dread. I robbed myself of a great deal of “moments NOW”.
I could get hit by one of my pine trees before the d n surgery.
Namaste & Blessings,

Elaine says:

When I focus on living in the present moment I feel so free and close to God, but it is very tricky to stay in it. I feel a wave come over me and I get tingles. Nothing else matters but that moment, wind through the trees, the taste of good food, the list goes on forever. Thanks Wayne for reminding me to enjoy that special feeling.

Kathy says:

Thank you for the reminder of living one day, one minute at a time. I LOVED the beaver analogy. You had me laughing out loud!

Mucunda says:

2 is what is most difficult for me.
vipassana meditation has been of great help to me
happy weekend

Nealon says:

What does the enlightened beaver say when the flow of universal energy becomes overwhelming? Dam it! Happy Friday!

Mucunda says:

The truth is that you can only come to know God when you give up the past and the future in your mind and merge totally into the now, because God is always here now
it is the reality, but harf to get it.the VIPASANA is the only meditation who could help me yo be here.

o says:

Hi Wayne, I’ve watched your movie “the shift” – quite funny stuff, and I want to thank you for that.
Not because I liked it, but because it got me thinking.

Why the ego-bashing? Who is going to get rid of the ego? The one who says “I am Consciousness/Tao/God/Source/or whatever label”? Isn’t that still ego?

parvin says:

Now, you are a 4- dimension creature: width, height, length, and time. Yes, you move with the time, because you do not stop your mind for thinking about your past or worrying about the future. Save your energy and time, and Reach your goal successfully.

parvin says:

By practicing on focusing on each moment of the time being, you have the superb power to control all your inner potential and energy on your current plan. No matter what subject you involve with, just concentrate all your mind on it. You have a complete concept of it, and then have an unbelievable fulfilling.

Mokey says:

I just love you so much……thank you

Neil says:

My wife always tells me that, if the behavior has not changed, It’s still in the present. However, I am now understanding that by letting go of the past, it will allow you into the now. If you are always angry, the only thing you get from your source will be anger. I would rather be in the now-here instead of no-where!

Joan says:

Stop and listen what is in”‘Now”… its like a music to our ears…. :0)

Debbi says:

i’m sorry, i’m present but i couldn’t stop laughing… the father beaver ran off with a younger beaver… yikes, could u have used a diff animal? it just hit me funny… thanks! laughing present moment !!

Dini says:

Thank you Dr Dyer !!!! How one can stay to NOW for longer?

Salim says:

Here & Now is the best concept,but how to get rid of the Past?.Whic always sorrounds us. salim.

bhakti says:

wow…its exactly wat i need to learn now! thank u so much for sharing! 🙂

Nealon Hightower, Six Simple Truths says:

Wayne, I am convinced that here and now is the best place to be in the entire universe. Thanks for being the beaming source of light that you have grown to be and teaching us these great truths. How do I get my beaver wife to understand?

Kenneth says:

Living in the now brings fullness and clarity to my life.

Tonya says:

I seem to be consumed with the “what if” lately. I realize I’m missing out…I’m gonna make an effort to leave the past, and just let the future unfold on it’s own. It’s time to start living in the NOW. Thank you for all the great advise.

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Knowing what to do is the first step, practicing is the next and the last paragraph tells us how! Stop! Look! Listen! and breathe… Great reminder.

Cristina says:

My mom passed away almost four years ago and never once lived in the moment. When she died it taught me the greatest lesson (at 30) live in this moment…it is all we have. Thank you for sharing your gift of wisdom and love.

AnaMaria says:

Muy interesante! Gracias!

Vikki says:

Just what I needed today. Thank you.