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Dream and You Shall Become

True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven.

— Ernest Holmes


One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence, with its routines and habits, and the dream you have within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living. Buried within you is an unlimited capacity for creation that’s anxious to plant seedlings to fulfill your dreams and your destiny. The absence of balance between dreams and daily routine can reveal itself in symptoms of depression, illness, or anxiety—but it’s more often something that feels like an unwelcome companion by your side, which continually whispers to you that you’re ignoring something. You sense that there’s a higher agenda; your way of life and your reason for life are out of balance. Until you pay attention, this subtle visitor will continue to prod you to regain your equilibrium.
When you live your life going through the motions, it may seem to be convenient, but the weight of your dissatisfaction creates a huge imbalance in the only life you have now. It shows up when you’re sound asleep and your dreams are filled with reminders of what you’d love to be, but you wake and return to pursuing your safe routine. Allow yourself to think about this “fire from heaven.” What are your dreams and how can you shift your thinking habits to match your dreams? Commit to thinking about what you want, rather than how impossible or difficult that dream may seem. Give your personal dreams a place to hang out so that you can see them in your imagination and they can soak up the energy they deserve. Thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don’t want. Your body might continue, for a while, to stay where it’s been trained to be, but meanwhile, your thoughts are being aligned with your dreams. Align your inner creative energy—your thoughts—so that they match up perfectly with your desires. Dream and you shall become.

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Susan Myers says:

I would love to attend a screening of “Wishes Fullfilled!” Unfortunately it is not available in my area and I am unable to travel to New Your City. I hope this will be made available to people in other areas. Perhaps through an online streaming event. There are lots of us who want to participate and should not be left out.

michael plahn says:

I find myself being drawn to Wayne and many other like-minded thinkers. Guess what their common message is? Basically, you become what you think about. See how I help find a LASTING SOLUTION TO ADDICTION by incorporating this law and other proven strategies.

Naida says:

I have believed in the metaphysics principles for 38 years.I have read every book that I have been able to get my hands on.I have prayed, meditate, affirm, forgave, trusted, visualized, etc.and…I am far, far, far, from what I deserve.Either I am stupid, and don’t get it, or this serves to give hope to the fools.I give up!

Nigel says:

Thank you for this exquisite description of the subtle promptings of the one who is beside us. Verily we are not alone. Thank you and thank YOU

Moroni B. says:

Thank you so much for your message, I am a teenager struggling with abuse and a hard family relationship, I felt inspired to look you up and found this, it really helps, thank you.


I’m an internist. Great admirer. You are in my thoughts nd prayors. In pbs recently you said you had leukemia. If it is CLL you’ll probably die from old age. I dream the Wayne will be with us for a long time. You remind me of Jesus very much.
Stay healthy my freind and teacher.

Derek says:

how do we overcome our fears of taking the steps to where we want to be in life?

Derek says:

I am the type of person that feels the water before they jump in the pool i just have such a hard time letting go of my fear.iam i making excuses? the risk is just so hard if i do decide to go are all these things that i fear just excuses?

Ron says:

I understood from a friend that you had contracted Leukemia. I too had Leukemia and weighed 128 pounds in a comostose state I found grace and saw there was no death. I have passed my experiece to others, they have been healed and/or atleast freed from the fear of death. I would love to speak to you. Please respond by email.

Valerie Curcuro says:

Who we are and what we’re here for, is preserved in our soul, challenge is overcoming the fear and taking the steps, that feel so risky, to pursue something our intellect resists as a fantasy. Helps to see that someone else has succeeded. True stories, like “Rudy” and “The Rookie” are encouraging.

Derek says:

Dr.dyer i need some adivce

Derek says:

I have always dreamed of going to art school and when i graduated high school I was going to but i became scared my parents have no money to pay for college i am scared of the unknown what’s going to happen to me and my parents i can’t even find a job out in this economy i have no experience and no one is willing to hire me.

Kenneth says:

I find the comfort and strength in your words which carry me forward each day. Each day I become more the person I truly am. I am in transition and my dreams are becoming real. Thank you for being my light.

Penny says:

I find harmony in the silence within, I go within to the peaceful solitude within my own mind. It is there I find God.

Thank you!

Love Penny

PJ DeMario says:

When I was a teenager, the very first book that I purchased with my own money was “Pulling Your Own Strings.” Over the years, I have continued to be enlightened and educated by your books, CDs, and public television specials. And now….I have found (been guided to!) your blogs….I am bursting with gratitude! Thank you for all you do!

Penny says:

I was blessed yesterday, I woke up laughing. Thank you, Dr. Dyer

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

Perfectly said! I knew since I was a child that I was meant to help the world find peace. Not until my 40’s did I understand how. My life feels complete and I am filled with joy and success every day. “Don’t die with the musich still in you.” Pursue your Divine Purpose and Passion.
Blessing, Wayne.

Simona says:

This is exactly what I needed… Keys said it just right – “back on track again”. Thank you Dr. Dyer that you ARE!!!!

Paloma says:

Your words are very insightful–thank you for the reminder. I found a hidden gem to keep my thoughts focused only on my desire: powerful affirmations in a book called “Creating Love and Joy.” It just became available on a well known website. After only three consecutive weeks of reading these each day, my life is filled with vitality and joy.

girish says:

now I have completed my masters in psychology from Annamalai university and want to pursue my research on parenting and devote rest of my life in spreading the message of good parenting as envisaged by you in “what do you really want for your children.

girish says:

Dr. Dyer I read your book ” what do you really want for your children” what a book that is… my perspective on life has completely changed t ,and I was inspired by it so much that I decided my self to pursue the study of Psychology

Kyle Beckwermert says:

Thank you, i needed to hear that.

N says:

Dream=Belief=Faith, but you still have to do the footwork.

Mariah says:

Focusing on, creating and living the life of our dreams is within our reach until the harness of “playing it safe” tugs at our collar. Your blogs, books and articles help to keep life in perspective.

Mahesh says:

Dr. Dyer,
Thank you for guiding at many points in life. I first read your book ” Your erroneous zone”, when I was in self destruction mode. You stopped me from going to abyss.
Thank you

Patricia says:

Thank you Dr. Dyer for your help in awareness, through your thoughts, messages, books, video, CDs, etc.
You are a good friend for many of us in the world. I would like to meet you in person one day.

Penny says:

I found some already, thank you. Between Hay House Radio and this website there is so much.

Penny says:

Could anybody recommend some new music? I read the words of a favourite new song, and it was definitely working against me. I like a wide variety of music. Thank you, Penny

Yadira says:

Wayne, thousand, thousand thanks for being the light that illuminates the mind and vanishes into the darkness of doubt. I hope to find more material in Spanish.

Linda says:

Sometimes we forget to dream…..thanks for the reminder to pay attention to our most iimportant thoughts and know that we have the ability to manifest those dreams into reality. Right this moment I’m dreaming about a massive healing for Haiti; just think of the power we have to help heal this country.

Snowflake18 says:

Once again Dr Dyer you not only touch, but uplift & inspire my heart. Such truth in your words.

Keys says:

THANK YOU I needed to read this blog at that exact moment… Back on track

Keys says:

I am begining this transistion in my life. As I found myself wandering about this morning with thoughts racing through my my mind, I asked myself to find the quite place and I did! And there I asked for peace, then I asked for guidance, my inner voice told me to look you up, then I found your Blog!

Kevin says:

Dear Wayne, Thank you for sharing this sound & timely advice. I was listening earlier to “Think and Grow Rich” in addition to reading the original manuscript containing the many references to “vibration”. Yesterday I started to re-reading “The Secrets of the Power of Intention” so this ties right in. Someone whose life you have changed, Kevin