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Manifest with Spirit

Among the callers to my weekly show on HayHouseRadio.com was a young man in Guadalajara, Mexico, who reported that he was able to turn his life around with the mantra “How may I serve?” He was able to make his business prosperous at a time of presumed deep economic gloom. He is one among so many who have embraced the message of love and service and is now passing it on. It’s as simple as tuning in to Spirit instead of struggling to figure things out by ourselves, and mostly moving in circles. When we shift our thoughts from fear to love, represented by the act of serving and giving, we align with the infinite abundance of Spirit.

It was Neville Goddard, a New Thought lecturer of the mid 20th century, who recommended that we “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled” if we want our dreams to become real. Feeling good is feeling God—our good feelings align us with Spirit. Use your imagination to create an image, a picture, that will help you focus on the life you want to achieve. As you go to sleep, don’t review bad feelings, fears, worries—instead assume the good feeling of the wish fulfilled. Go to sleep with visions of what you love. Let your dream vision marinate overnight. Wake up with your positive, hopeful thoughts in place, ready to guide you through a day in which you step ever closer to the life you dream of. You align with God when you ask, “How may I serve?”

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Denise says:

Wow! Spirit guided me to read this blog, tonight. i am going in circles and getting nowhere but a headache! How may i serve? i got clean and sober 10/16/95. i can serve by going to AA meetings. they say we can’t keep it, unless we give it away. Thank you, Namaste’

Suzanna says:

Wayne, please let me know how I can help better serve. I appreciate your passion for service and I’m finally able to look at myself in the mirror with gratitude and joy.

Zachary says:

Lately that one thought has changed and opened doorways of pure love. Not only do I see it in myself, but more in all the things happening around me. Almost hard to describe, powerful, peaceful, and a wonderful doorway to walk through. Peace in every step I take and with a simple act of loving and living “How can I serve”.

shamsi says:

i love your work and you.
what a gift in my life to experience such a humble and graceful teacher.
thank you
thank you

Irma says:

Wayne, I just finish watching “The Shift” and all I need to say is -Thank You. You radiate so much peace and love, may GOD bless you always. Namaste.

Patricia says:

Service is happiness in life. I am happy serving. Thank you Wayne for your service. It is really inspirational.
Thank you all for your comments.

Shellie says:

I never feel more closer to Spirit than when I am serving. My service is as a Massage Therapist and has I lay my hands upon my client I let go of myself and let God and say to myself “Allow my hands to best serve this person with love and healing” Those moments are full of light and love and I am blessed to be able to serve people thisway.

Luke says:

I know people who start every day by asking How May I Serve? They aren’t always prosperous, but they are always fulfilled when given the opportunity to help others. Good way to live one’s life. We’re all connected.

Valerie Curcuro, New Beginnings says:

Keep directions simple, truth has to be understood to be applied. Doing a 180 is easier with a clear focus, like magnetic north, aligning ourselves with love, even something as simple as choosing to smile, brings the blessing of wellbeing. Great quote from Nevile Goddard, similar to what Gandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Kyle Beckwermert says:

Wayne! — I follow your meditation tapes, one in which you use the mantra “ahh” along with affirmations as a morning meditation, i have to say! things have been showing up for me, things i imagine in my “ahh” its very cool, and i cannot thank you enough, i think this world is really starting to orbit around love.

melissa says:

Thank you, Dr. Dyer, for your always kind and inspirational words. The concept of marinating a dream vision overnight is a soothing and peaceful way to complete the day. Peace be with you : )

Donna says:

Dr Dyer, Love and light brings more joy to my soul, and each time I can feel myself start to fall into saddness. I remmeber how a single candle can fill a room full of darkness, and bring the light changing the energy. I am the light.

Eillen says:

2 months ago, didn’t know anything about you. Have now devoured 4 of your books, watched you on Youtube : Exactly what I have been thinking all my life ! For sure you are inspired by God – I believe in the power of Spirit, apply it everyday in my life, confirm it works so good ! Thanks for the job you do. Wish you love & good health .

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

I use a lot of your blogs in the anger management groups I run at a battered women’s shelter. These are tough and violent women who are spiritually disconnected. They really respond well to your message. It always seems to be exactly what they need that week.
The world has truly been blessed by your presence. Thank you.

Naira says:

Thank you!!! Such a reminder is an absolute necessity. I have come to understand that one has to really, really understand the being that one is and all that one is capable of offering in order to truly serve. ” Live to serve and serve to Live”. Thank you for your service!!!!!

Bob says:

Not only is “paying it forward” an Intention it is a blessing to all. Thank you for this awesome message..

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger says:

“How may I serve?” is a pure and effortless way to live. It is totally spirit centered and devoid of ego. There is no greater joy in life than to unselfishly enrich the life of another with no thought of how it will benefit me. Great way to run a business as well. The benefits, blessings and profits appear on their own. Thank you, Wayne.