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Seeking the Great Spirit

“Lots of people hardly ever feel real soil under their feet, see plants grow except in flower pots, or get far enough beyond the street light to catch the enchantment of a night sky studded with stars. When people live far from scenes of the Great Spirit’s making, it’s easy for them to forget his laws.”

These are the words of Walking Buffalo, a chief of the Nakoda First Nation of Alberta, Canada, who in 1958 traveled the world on a mission of peace and understanding. He reminds us that harmony with the natural world connects us to Spirit—and the essence of who we really are. To have peace and understanding among ourselves and within our world, we need to be in touch with our common Source.

It’s all too easy to forget our connection to the natural world when we live surrounded by technology and the artificial constructions of our amazing modern life. Nature has a way of reminding us, however, when we have overstepped our bounds. The Native wisdom of Walking Buffalo asks us not to forget the sacredness of life and to pay attention to the natural laws at work around us. The air, water, trees, minerals, clouds, animals, birds, and insects are all essential to the sacred web of life which we too often take for granted.

Step closer to your essence by giving gratitude rather than taking for granted. Take a break from the city walls and spend time appreciating those “scenes of the Great Spirit’s making.”  Notice and appreciate your surroundings. Bless the gifts of sun, rain, ocean, lake, river, mountain, desert, and forest. Listen to the sounds of nature and walk barefoot on the earth to reconnect yourself to all that supports and sustains life. Promote ecological awareness in your life and live by example. Let a child see you care for the earth and pay forward the gifts of the Great Spirit that we were lucky enough to inherit.


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Ken says:

Sit on the grass,
Watch the animals run,
Walk through the field,
Feel the warmth of the sun.
Hear the wind move,
The trees provide your shade,
The moon is the light of night,
When the sun begins to fade.
The flowers give their beauty,
The water sustains all life,
The wind denies no one,
Nature is the wife.

Renee says:

I’m grateful for the trees and gardens in my yard! I don’t get to the wilderness often, but I get to be out in the gardens and around the trees every day.

Joshua says:

On a clear night looking into the vastness of space, I no longer worry about the concerns of everyday life. Even the inconceivable vastness of space is minuscule when compared to the actual nature of reality – something that we do not even understand. All is wonderful!!

John says:

I’m busy busy all the time and more a busy fool getting nowhere fast sometimes than doing business,
But as soon as I let go…Smell the aroma of the outside, the sounds, observing and a blanking my mind, no thoughts
Just the feelings…I’m back to being a happy bunny again.
Well for at least 10 minutes anyway…(-: Thanks mate, best wishes

NAIRA says:

Thank you for your amazing reminders of what really matters and the peace on love that is communicated through your empowering words. Thank you!!!!! 🙂

NAIRA says:

When I find myself at a beach at night, when its dark and quite and I look into the big dark sea with the silver shadow of the moon on the waters and hear and see the strong crashing waves, I find peace and acceptance. I surrender to the great unknown; the greatness of our ocean just like the universe and life demands it.

rainbow says:

I am divine and human, light and dark, power and weakness, creator and created, I am One and All, nothing and everything.I believe we share responsibility with those we encounter Nature shows me the connection/patters of Onenes/ balance/unity of whole

Joshua says:

I love reading all your posts. Remember that everything is nature, including our thoughts, ideas, and creations. I think Dr. Dyer has given us a powerful message here about connecting to nature….in other words connecting to everything. Everything, including space, time, and nothingness, is one thing.

Kenneth says:

The Great Spirit is in us. I feel it each time I take my grandchildren for a walk in the woods. We talk about the earth beneath our feet, the flowers and trees growing from it and the birds, animals and insects (including us) who are also a part of it. I know and they know we are all connected.

Wilber says:

Be still and know that I am God!

Eric says:

See you in Maui October 24th, Dr. Dyer!

Penny says:

Beautiful, absolutley beautiful. What little I know about their way of life, I love. I’m so grateful I’ve remembered my own power over the buttons…it’s something of an experience in itself.

Amber says:

Dr. Dyer, we must meet. How can I get in touch with you?

Cheri says:

giving thanks to God who sent His Son Jesus to die so that spiritual life is even a possibility has the greatest value of all. Seeking the great Spirit is John 14:6. Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches many truths but all of those principals will fall if they are built on anything besides the Savior Jesus Christ. Matthew 7:24-27

Claudio says:

It wanted to thank him for all his writings, they have saved my life. That already to fact with thousands of persons, a mas adds. A great embrace. Claudio Ceballos. No hablo ingles, la traduccion es automatica


How wonderful nature is, and what gift GOD has given us, is a shame that with alll the new technology all the construction going up, we are loosing a lot of this nature that once was around us, now you have to go look for
it…. But I love it, love everything in nature…..for sure it recharges my soul. HAVE A HAPPY DAY !!!!!

francesca says:

I do. I am connected to nature. I watch the river, the flowers growing, the sun, the rain, the sea. I sometimes enbrace a tree. Last night I enjoyed the company of a ladybug on my kitchen’s cealing. And I am quite often filled with gratefulness when such things happen. Thanks Dr. Dyer for reminding me that I should never take all this for granted.

Denise says:

No matter what is going on in my day or what time of day it is, I always take time to read your blog entries. They relax and inspire me. Thank you for modeling a calm spirit.

All the best!

Joshua says:

Nature in all its forms is truly beautiful, and I love being surrounded by it. However, I find the city of Honolulu (and other cities), paticularly at night, to be quite spectacular as well. These amazing structures and technologies came from our conscious creative minds and thus are a piece of god, one might even say a piece of nature.

Joseph Wadas says:

Dr. Dyer has pointed out how brilliantly the Dao handles things in nature during our first nine months of life. Nature remains in charge even though we often forget Nature or the ways of Nature. Thank you for the reminder. Namaste!

Deborah says:

I close to the ocean and cannot imagine living away from it.I grew up in Michigan(like Wayne) but my dad led us here to the ocean in Charleston-My dad is with me in spirit and loves the beach too.Who could ask for more ocean and the stars at night. Charleston SC

Ruth says:

I loved Walking Buffalo’s spoken words. I work out in nature everyday wind, rain, sun what a reminder to me to appreciate and be grateful , what ever the weather. It was magic to be shown a double rainbow last week . Thank you for this wonderful gift Great Spirit & Angels.

Vikki says:

I love meditating outdoors at sunrise when the world is quiet and the birds are just beginning to sing. Wonderful way to start the day.

emilia says:

great spirit is everywhere…wise and simple words…but powerful ones… great spirit calls…grateful I am for your shared words…namaste

Brian says:

I find lately that the more that I seek, the less I find,
When sitting quietly, doing nothing I’m able to realize more.
Thank you Wayne,

Valerie Curcuro, Life Coach says:

Seems to me that’s what Cameron’s movie, “Avatar” was all about… We can all regain our sense of wonder by looking with fresh eyes at the natural world that surrounds us. Get out of the city and away from tech gadgets.

Mucunda says:

by giving gratitude rather than taking for granted.
i loveed this

Mucunda says:

Grate awareness in your about you wrote
I really love it
it is very appropriate in this moment of my life