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The Beatles Were Right

If you ever feel like you are trying too hard, you probably are! Who said that effort and striving are the keys to success? I think the Beatles were on to something in their classic song when they advised that we simply “Let It Be.” Verse 47 of the Tao Te Ching suggests that effort and striving, along with the struggling, worrying, stressing, fretting and agonizing that we can’t seem to resist, are behaviors that actually keep us from experiencing the harmony and sense of completion that are part of our connection to the Divine Order. What if we learned to live by being rather than trying? “Without going out the door, know the world. Without looking out the window, you may see the ways of heaven,” says the Tao. For example, consider how the beating of your heart, the inhaling and exhaling of your breath, and a myriad of other life functions take place without effort from you, even as you are reading these words. You are a single beat in the one heart that is humanity. The Divine is at work within you, moving you toward your life purpose. Let yourself be guided and see what happens when you simply “let it be.”




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Alina says:

“Let it be” is so easy and so difficult. Like the paradox you discuss in your books. Once we embrace it, we can truly “let it be”. Namaste – Alina

-Lidia says:

I started reading the Toa of Pooh a couple days ago, and then I googled Dr. Wayne Dyer today because I saw a part of his seminar on a local public channel last week and was curious to learn more, and I stumbled upon this, so coincidental and so perfect!

absynnia says:

thank you 🙂

susceptible 2 fear re: 2012? a lot of ppl r making money by ‘spiritually preparing’ others for in a ‘choice’ leading 2 doom or ascension.

not wayne dyer, who echoes divinity, ‘resting in the palm of god’ – let go of anxiousness.. let go of fear, be present… be calm.. be peace.

thank you thank you thank you

Naira says:

Dear Dr. Dyer……Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the highest of my soul for all the little big things you bring into our awareness!!!!

With Much Gratitude

Ernie says:

Dear DR. Dyer, I want to thank you for changing my life.When I read your first book I was an awkward teen in high school,very self concious and unsure of myself.After your book I was a different person,not worried what other people thought of me.Your book taught me to keep my head up and walk tall.IThank you again.

RICK says:

Thanks Wayne,,,this is exactly the inspiration I needed to read today.

Kenrina says:

when will the shift be avialable in the uk?

Kenrina says:

My thinking, my behaviour is chainging and like you say I am outgrowing many thought patterns and beleifs that kept me chained to limitation….

thank you!

Mary Kay says:

Your books to me are like old friends.I lost total central vision one year ago, so now I listen to books on tape Thank you for continuing to inspire, enlighten and share what you have learned in life with the world. I wish to say you are right there are NO EXCUSES. I still run my business, I am a LCSW, I still reach out to others.

Mistie says:

I started having anxiety attacks out of no where have been paralysed mentally I fear dying leaving my husband & son of being alone I am 25 theres no reason to feel this way it has taken over my thoughts i saw your program on kcet today and it helped me breathe a little easier and for that I would like to thank you!

jo says:

thankyou for sharing your spirit with mine even tho we may be a million miles away everytime i read your loving messages or hear your voice i feel you near me,,you are my gift from god,you saved my life and i will be 4ever grateful.. much love from the land down under

Kim :) says:

Hi Wayne, Thank you so much for your inspirational words. I think you can help so many people in fulfilling their dreams. I have your No Excuses book, CDs, DVD, and the Shift. It is a lot harder than I thought. Obviously I haven’t got through the no excuses part yet. hahahahha! I am working on it!!! 🙂 I am ready to start living. 🙂


That was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment…

Thank you for being a vessel for universal love! Henry Adams said..”A teacher affects eternity…he can never tell where his influence stops.”

You are a true teacher, I hope one day our paths will cross so I may be able to say thank you.

Max says:

Thanks Doc! You’re the best and even though I’ve read and listened to just about every word you’ve ever said (OK, that’s an exaggeration), I still need reminders every day. My thick ego tends to relapse into “what’s in it for me” mode more often than I’d like. Keep posting the blogs! You’re part of my morning ritual. 🙂 Thanks again, big guy!

Heidi says:

Thank you Mr. Dyer! You are a beacon of light for many.

Eric says:

I love that verse. Thanks Wayne

Valerie says:

Thank you so much Wayne. How did you know that I needed this reminder in this very moment…I need to take time re-connect with the higher power that created, guides, and connects us all. Your teachings have saved me from completely breaking down many times in the last few months. With renewed hope and faith from Toronto, Canada,